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Right Decision at Right Time for Pursuing MBBS in Abroad

Right Decision at Right Time for Pursuing MBBS in Abroad

Are you tired of thinking about various options available in order to achieve your goals of becoming an established doctor?

Here is why it is important to take a right decision at right time of pursuing MBBS in Abroad so that you do not have to lose hope and give up on your dreams of becoming a doctor when you are not able to secure a medical seat in any Indian medical college or your home country.

Everyone in India is aware about the fact that how securing a medical seat in India is next to impossible due to various reasons such as in India for Indian government or Private medical universities the admissions system is based on category. Deserving candidates who come under open category are less likely to secure admissions with comparison to fewer deserving candidates who come under caste system or reservation category.

Apart from all this, Indian private medical universities demand huge of donations in the name of medical seat and the tuition fees is also extremely high in them. Aspirants who can manage to secure a medical seat in India through donations in private medical universities still have to face problems as the quality of education in private medical universities is not that great with comparison to government medical universities in India.

Moreover, most of the private medical universities do not have hospitals within the campus because of which, aspirants have to face several issues when they enter their clinical years as medical profession is a noble profession which is completely based on practical rather than theories.

Also, in India, another major drawback is the entrance examination which is mandatory to attempt in order to secure a medical seat in Indian medical universities i.e., The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate) or NEET. It is one of the most difficult and competitive entrance exams in the career and aspirants are only likely to secure a medical seat depending on how well they have score on NEET.

Even though, medical aspirants have been preparing for this competitive examination since the time they enter their first year of college, still there are lakhs who are not able to perform well on it due to various reasons such as stress, level of difficulty of the exam and so on.

There are many who keep on trying every year in the hope of securing a medical seat in India which results in wasting their academic years in preparing well for the NEET exam and trying to secure a medical seat in India only.

On the other hand, there are many who give up on their dreams of becoming an MBBS doctor and take up another alternative such as BDS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc. in order to achieve a title of a doctor attached to their name.

Moreover, aspirants do not realize that they should explore in-depth about pursuing MBBS through various opportunities available in order to fulfill their dream of becoming an MBBS doctor.

Moving ahead, we would suggest all the aspirants who are planning to pursue MBBS, not to set any limitations when it comes to education and go beyond their comfort level in order to achieve the best thing in life.

During this time, when the world has reached to its highest pinnacle of achieving great things, some of the best countries in the world has also made huge development in the world in the field of education in order to provide high quality of education to the aspiring candidates so that they can attain success in the profession they have decided on and to also promote medical tourism.

In the world, out of all the great things that is taking place, one of them is medical education such as MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Abroad, MBBS in China and MBBS in Bangladesh.

We at New Era Education would like to suggest all the aspiring medical aspirants to look for more options in order to achieve their dream and explore more about various opportunities a country is providing in order to accomplish your goals.

There are some of the best medical universities in Russia, best medical universities in China, best medical universities in Bangladesh and best medical universities in Abroad which help aspirants to pursue MBBS at an extremely affordable fees and low cost of living that too with high quality of education.

Aspirants are suggested to keep few things in mind before planning to take admissions in medical universities in Abroad such as the most important thing is the ranking. It is important that the medical university aspirants have decided to pursue their MBBS should be listed worldwide so that aspirants can practice anywhere all around the world.

If an aspirant chooses a university just because the fees is too low but the university is not listed in some countries then the duration, efforts and money they have invested in pursuing their MBBS degree is more likely to get wasted and their degree holds no value.

So, it is advisable to take into consideration the ranking of the university worldwide, the tuition fees, cost of living, the passing MCI ratio of the university, the relation of your home-country with the country you are planning to pursue your MBBS from and the medium of instruction of the university where you will be staying for that duration.

Apart from worldwide rankings of the university, it is also important to check whether the university is providing MCI coaching along with medical studies or not as the National Medical Commission is India has made it mandatory for all the aspirants who are planning to pursue MBBS from Abroad to qualify NEET entrance and after the completion of MBBS appear for NEXT exam in case if they want to practice in India. Therefore, it is better to choose universities which is already providing the necessary coaching for NEXT along with medical studies.

Another most important factor is the security of aspirants in terms of relations of your motherland with the new country you have decide to pursue your MBBS from. It has been a known fact that since Soviet Union times India is having a very friendly relation with Russia and the aspirants have been choosing Russia as their study destination since then. Indians are warmly welcome in the country as they share a great rapport with Russians and people in Russia are also fond of them.

So, aspirants this is the right time to take a better decision of your lifetime and pursue MBBS from some of the best universities in Abroad and to take into consideration all the above-mentioned factors necessary while you are pursuing your medical studies from them. Aspirants can find all the important facts through the most important and relevant source that is internet which can provide accurate details about all the universities all around the world.

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