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5 Things to keep in Mind while travelling to Russia for MBBS

5 Things to keep in Mind while travelling to Russia for MBBS

As we are all aware about the fact that Russia is a vast nation, located in the Eastern Europe, with a huge population which is scattered all around the country in its various continent. The most important factor when you are planning to choose to pursue MBBS from Abroad, choosing MBBS from Russia is the most economical and suitable opportunity for all the medical aspirants around the world because of so many advantages the country has to offer to the aspiring students. Mostly, pursuing MBBS from Russia is considered to be the secondary choice when aspirants fail to secure a medical seat in India or their mother land.

Right after when the aspirants have taken the NEET exam for medical, their search for various opportunities begin so that in the last moment when the results are out, they do not have to face any confusion or go through stress in order to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. Aspirants are suggested to search for wider opportunities and just not set limitations in order to achieve your goals as there are chances of loosing hope during the time when they exploring for various opportunities.

Moving ahead, when the NEET results are out, the search is still going on and it creates panic and stress among the candidates and their families in order to secure a medical seat in India. As we all know, that the admission system in India for securing a medical seat is one of the most difficult task due to various reasons such as reservation, huge donations, high tuition fees in Indian private medical universities, lesser medical seats and the ratio of medical aspirants increasing every year leads to situation such as aspirants committing serious uncontrollable acts like suicide.

We at New Era Education, would like all aspirants to not to lose hope and get involved in all such activities which can harm them and their families severely. In fact, take a better and the most economical decision of choosing Abroad for pursuing MBBS and accomplish your goals. Here, at New Era Education you will get variety of opportunities to choose from without any confusion and our expert counsellors will guide you accordingly with what is suitable for you.

After all the counselling has been completed and you have already secured a medical seat in any top Russian medical university, there are few things which you need to keep in mind while packing for your Study Abroad destination.

Below mentioned are the five important things that you need to keep in mind while leaving for Russia which will help you to sustain through your most important duration of MBBS studies:

1. Carry Warm Clothes:

Aspirants are suggested to carry high quality of woollens like jackets, body warmers, shoes and all kind of winter wear that you will require in the cold region which Russia is. It is not that you will not get all the required winter wear in the country but it is always advisable to carry along while travelling to Russia as when your academic year starts from the month of September, winter will already start and you will take time to adjust in the new country when you are travelling from India where you have experienced moderate climate. Everywhere in Russia, winters are long, cold with snowfall and frost and so Indians do take sometime to settle in the new country. Aspirants should not get demotivated and feel low or sad as there are some pros and cons for every study Abroad country.

2. Carry your Own Medicine:

Another most important factor is that aspirants should always carry their medicine when travelling to a new country which suits them and what they consume when they feel sick such as cold, cough, fever, etc. There are chances that some of the medicines which they get in their country won’t be easily available in Russia or may not be available in the country at all or might have a different name. So, it is always better to carry all the important medicines that you consume for all basic ailments along with you in stock and also carry prescriptions along wile travelling to the new country.

3. Carry your Own International Debit Card:

Aspirants are suggested to carry your own international debit card in the new country as sometimes they might have difficulties while withdrawing money or making any transaction while shopping or purchasing grocery. It is advisable for aspirants to always check their international debit card while they are in their country so that in case if they face any issue while withdrawing the money, they can contact their bank there itself and the matter can be resolved while they are there. There are cases when aspirants do not check their card while they are in their country and they face a shock when they reach Russia and their card is not working. It becomes very difficult for them to manage without an international debit card in the new country as they facing a new challenge in their lives and coming across new people.

4. Do Not Carry High amount of Foreign Currency in Hard cash:

Aspirants are also suggested to not carry high amount of foreign currency in the form of hard cash along with them as there are high chances of misplacing the amount or theft or robbery in certain circumstances when aspirants meet new people while they are travelling to a new country. There are also chances that carrying a huge amount of foreign currency might also lead to stress among some aspirants because of which they will find it difficult to concentrate on something else in the new phase of their life. So, it is better if the aspirants can carry all the amount in their card which will make it easy for them to carry along and they can make any transactions without being stress and they will also not go through situations such as robbery or theft.

5. Carry your own Spices:

The last tip is for all those Indian aspirants who like to add a lot of spices in their food or are too fond of Indian spices to carry along all the spices they prefer along with them to the new country as there are chances that the spices, they like are not available in the new country. Russians are known to eat less spicy food, so Indian spices are not easily available in the new country. In case, even it is available it might be too costly as it is less likely to be purchased by others because of which it is expensively imported from another country. Aspirants should always stock up food items for at least few months in the beginning while they are travelling as initially there are stages when one will miss home food. So, it is better to prepare well in advance.

While some of you might think that these are minor issues which can be easily tackled after reaching the new country but it is not, as things are different when you reach the new country and the situations are different there.

During this time, aspirants realise their mistake, when they find no solution to their problems and have to manage alone without any guidance from relevant source or sometimes even family or friends. This can also have an adverse effect on them.

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