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Today more than 2,00,000 Indian aspirants are pursuing higher studies and have made their presence felt in various international countries all around the globe by pursuing different programs in the international universities.

In the pursuit of foreign education, the aggregate expenditure of all these aspirants has reached the milestone of Rs 50,000 Crores. Just after some other Asian countries India has positioned itself as the largest immigration of international students.

Towards foreign education, the inclination of India's modern generation of students is exponential and that is where the role of education consultancy come into the limelight.

Moreover, specifically if we take into consideration the local private agents, then there is no denying while we estimate that there must be a huge number of overseas education consultancies who are actively running their operations across India.

So, the most important question is that do aspirants really need consultation for pursuing education from foreign countries?

Although it is your individual choice, it is very important for you to choose an authentic path for your study abroad destination.

Choosing right channel to accomplish your goals is extremely important and when you are planning to pursue MBBS from Abroad, it is mandatory that the consultant you choose is completely equipped with all the necessary information and resources and also who would help you throughout your course of duration while you are staying in a foreign country completing your higher studies.

Moving ahead, under such circumstances about 99.9% of the students choose to take guidance from the authentic source available near them. Aspirants should understand that they will get a variety of opportunities in building their career, if you are smart enough to explore all around and choose the best channel for your study abroad destination.

Now let us discuss in detail about how the consultancy you choose turns out to be the most important throughout the journey of your admission.

  • Complete source of Information for shortlisting various universities in abroad.
  • Assistance required during the time of Admission and Documentation procedure.
  • Guidance required during the time of Transaction procedure.
  • Take all the important information about the country where the university is situated.
  • Having a correct judgement in order to provide similar opportunities that best suits your requirements.
  • Should provide complete help during the visa approval and with boarding and lodging throughout the course.

Generally, in this business, the chances of getting cheated leads to the fear of potential exploitation right from the counselling sessions till the time you have secured admissions in the university.

In the whole commercialization of abroad education fake agents, deceptive consultancies and many other self-obsessed agents do exist.

This is the reason why it is significantly important for all the aspirants no matter whichever country they belong to, must approach the most genuine consultant when they are planning to travel abroad for their higher studies.

One of the most important questions here is, ‘What are the qualities and services that aspirants look for in the consultancy they have selected and that they depend on them for the sake of making their career a great success’?

Below Mentioned Factors are Extremely Important While Selecting the Best Study Abroad Consultancy

  • Expertise: The most important thing is that the consultancy must have all the complete information about the countries along with their universities, hostels and mess facilities. They should also be aware of the fact that whether a particular university provides placements to its aspirants or not.
  • Aspirants should be provided with the complete details with respect to the reference material, practical exposure of university’s infrastructure, tuition fees or other miscellaneous charges and the conditions of the hostels.

    Apart from this, Consultancy must have all the legal documentations and agreement with the specific international university that they are dealing with for mutual understanding and other formalities.

  • Experience: In order to showcase its credibility in the market, the existence of an agency's operation need to be long enough.
  • All those aspirants consulted by the agency should have make a note of the pleasant experience, they had during their process while taking their services.

    If a particular consultancy has a record of successfully sending a huge number of aspirants to reputed international universities, then you can also expect to come under that successful record as their customer.

    But however, student satisfaction does equally matter as it is not only about the gradual development of the agency.

  • Extra Services: One of the most important signs of a trustworthy education consultancy is that the services they are providing which makes them unique from their other competitors who are only in this business to make money and personal profits.
  • Usually, it is the consultancy’s responsibility to face the obstacles in case if there is any throughout their duration of course and stay in the international country.

    The services provided by the consultants should be proof to the claims made by them and they should have a transparent relation with their clients. The consultants should also ensure the safety of the student’s immigration.

    Providing assistance for visa approval is obviously a part of professional services offered by the consultancy. It is the solely the consultant’s responsibility to see to it that the aspirants’ visas do not get rejected.

    At times, there are claims wherein the consultants do not deliver what they are expected to and most of them make false promises which the aspirants should be aware of while dealing with such consultants.

Mentioned below are some of the key factors that Consultants are required to possess while providing their services for getting admission abroad

  1. Introspection - Understanding your needs
  2. In order to pursue your higher studies from abroad, the basic process of selection starts with your objectives. In order to understand your personal requirements while pursuing studies abroad, you will have to take into consideration several things.

    Make a note of all the below mentioned factors and discuss in details with the experts of the consultancy:

    • Type of degree or course you are interested in pursuing.
    • Aspirant’s budget limitation during their stay for the course.
    • Assumption of the country you are interested in pursuing your higher studies.
    • Aspirant’s expectations with regards to the standard of education.
  3. Research - Methods of research
  4. The actual period of research starts right from when the aspirants enter their high school to gather as much information as they can for their study abroad destination.

    Aspirants can make their research easily by making the use of google search while looking for best overseas education consultants. You can also take the help of your classmates, relatives, friends, social circle or other aspirants who have already taken consultation earlier.

    No research is as satisfying and smart enough to explore in depth information by your own self and either way it is the best way and right decision.

    Aspirants are advised to go through the contents offered by some of the most reputed consultants in India on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and at their official websites and check for the authenticity of their brand as well as see what are they providing.

  5. Scrutinization - Eliminate for the final nomination
  6. While you have already been working on the first and the second step of the procedure by the time you reach this step, you will already have a clear picture in front of you with all the information and some shortlisted names of some reputed consultants that will help you reach your study destination.

    Based on the following important assessment factors, all you have to do this pin down the top-recommended names:

    • Check the existence of the firm in the consultation business.
    • The number of students they have successfully enrolled in the international universities.
    • The authenticity of the reviews of successfully enrolled aspirants.
    • Collaboration of the consultancy with the reputed international institutes.
    • Apart from the essential services, the core values offered by the consultants.
    • Check for the online reviews and testimonials of their students.
    • Look for the authenticity of the Information provided on their website.
    • Involvement of government in support of the consultancy.
    • Admission fees charged by them for their services should be justifiable.
    • A wide range of opportunities with regards to various courses & colleges.

Interested in pursuing MBBS abroad?

New Era Education has been one of the most trustworthy overseas education consultants for over a decade.

We have successfully enrolled a huge number of Indian medical aspirants in the top medical universities in Russia and abroad for pursuing the course of MBBS.

We can provide you with the complete information of various international medical colleges and institutes with regards to the course of MBBS.

We can have a face-to-face counselling session during which we provide you with all the information about the international medical institutes, their tuition fee, hostel and mess facilities and our service charges.

Apart from all this, we also conduct Mock test for NEET exams before the NEET entrance exam is scheduled in order to encourage aspirants to perform better on the exam.

Moreover, every weekend, we have begun with a series of webinars organized during which we go in-depth on some of the best universities abroad and help you to get your admissions secured in one of the best medical universities by also keeping in mind your budget and affordability.

You can also have a conversation with our already enrolled aspirants in order to know about our authenticity and the services we offer.

Aspirants as the time is short for your MBBS admissions and soon all the international medical universities will stop taking admissions, we would suggest you to kindly pace up with your decision of pursuing MBBS in Abroad.

Also do not forget to explore more information from our website for all the latest updates our website www.neweraeducation.in

Regarding overseas education, please do not forget to follow us on our social media platforms to get all the updates.

Contact us to find out more about various career options.

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