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Is Russia still safe now?

Is Russia still safe now?

From the last few months, Russia has been in news for fighting a war with Ukraine right from the beginning of February 2022. Russia has almost conquered a major important part of Ukrainian and is still trying to annexe more of it.

Russia is firm with the decision of going ahead with the war and even forcing the youth of the country to participate in the war with Ukraine. There have been several protests in the capital of the country by all the citizens who do not wish to join the military.

Apart from all this, it is also in news that many Russians are leaving Russia  and moving to other countries. It was in news a few days ago that men in Russia were breaking their body parts in order to avoid forced military mobilization by the President of the country.

Coming to the most important news that there was an announcement by the president of the country that all the citizens between 18 to 50 years who have had joined the military service at some point of time or who have some experience of working in military service will now have to join the military service at this stage where Russia is fighting a world war with Ukraine.

Currently, the president has ordered a partial mobilisation which means that only a certain percentage of Russia's potential fighters will be asked to join the offensive of Ukraine. As of now he has signed a decree that will witness 3 lakhs reservists who will be called to fight in Ukraine out of approximately 25 million potential fighters at Moscow's disposal.

Moreover, the citizens of Russia do not wish to join the military because of which some of them are either leaving the country or some are protesting against this and some are damaging their bodies by which they can show medical emergency and thus will be exempted from joining the military.

Moving ahead, this is only for the Russian citizens and it do not apply to students or people from other countries.

So, all those aspirants planning to pursue MBBS in Russia do not have to stress about it as it is not applicable to us or any other country's citizens.

Even in future, if something happens, unlike Ukraine, Russia is a huge country and obviously very powerful.

So, invasion of such a powerful country is not possible and all the students who want to travel back to their countries at any period of time can easily do so as Indian embassy is easily accessible and Russia has an excellent relationship with India.

The strategic partnership between Russia and India has been evolving in various sectors be it economy or culture. The cooperation between the two countries has great potential and the president of these countries have always stood in strong support with each under whichever situation either of the country was facing.

Apart from all this, Russia is the first country to recognise POK and Aksai Chin as a part of Indian territory, which is commendable thus proving the strong bond both the countries share with each other.

So, all those aspirants who are even planning to pursue admissions in Crimea Federal university can rightly do so as there are no issues and the state does not come under any warzone. We have already explained this in one of our blogs few myths and lies about the Russian medical universities.

So, is Russia really safe for Indian medical aspirants who wish to pursue the course of MBBS?

Well, Yes and there have been plenty of reasons besides being easy admission procedure, low cost of living and extremely affordable fees and they are as follows:

1. Petty Crimes in Russia: You will surely not get involved in any political issues as a student from India because we have already discussed how strong the relationship is between India and Russia. In fact, aspirants should only be careful about petty crimes like pickpocketing on public transit.

This can be true for any other country not only Russia. So, when you are in a new country, we should take care of all our things when we are in public and we must be extra careful about our valuable items.

In general, just like anywhere else, busy streets and big cities are well-known for petty crimes. So always try to act like you are aware about the places, always keep a strict eye on everything and keep your valuables hidden in order to prevent any kind of robbery.

2. Russia is Safe for female travellers: Women are treated with great value and respect in not only our country but even in Russia. Although, there might be certain circumstances wherein this might not be the case and due to various other serious reasons women might be taken lightly. But however, in general in Russia, women travelling alone are safe. So, usually, women who travel alone do not draw any unwanted attention and they can choose to dress as per their choices and preferences. Even in public places, women can dress what they want and even feel comfortable in public places as the environment is extremely safe and so peaceful. Moreover, you should be aware about certain religious places where you need to cover yourself completely and dress appropriately. So, always dress up respectfully if you are in a place of worship.

3. Russia has no racial or religious discrimination: Russians will never treat you like a lower-class person in spite being global leaders. They treat all visitors like members of their own families and are quite known for being the most hospitable neighbourhood. Be it locals or foreigners, no one will have to face any kind of racial or religious discrimination. In fact, in Russia, people will show more respect for other religions and treat you with kindness and will be very inquisitive about your culture in a good way.

4. Safe Hostel amenities: The Russian institutes and universities provide best hostel facilities with all the amenities to all the international students with whatever they would require for their comfort in the new country. The mess in the hostel universities also provide the Indian students with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for Indian food. In every university hostel, there are Indian representative present in every girl’s and boy’s dormitory in order to keep a strict check and surveillance. In Russian universities, Indian students will feel comfortable and safe within the hostel premises as well as Russian universities provide world-class facilities to aspirants in order to make them feel safe during the entire duration of their stay.

5. Opportunities for a Wide Variety of Studies: All the Russian universities provide degree programs starting from the bachelor’s to the doctoral levels approximately around 18000-degree programs, in around 450 state-accredited institutions. Apart from this, they also provide variety of opportunities to Indian aspirants that too with safe environment and best facilities to pursue courses without any discomfort and obstacles.

6. Cost-effective Living: In order to maintain the cost of living, Russia provide a variety of options to not only Indian students but all its international aspirants.

Apart from the world class education in extremely reasonable fees, Russia also provides its aspirants with reasonable cost of living which is quite convenient as compared to European standards. The vast nation sticks to the absolute minimum average with respect to the price of accommodation, food, clothing, other regular and leisurely activities.

In museums, movie theatres, opera houses, swimming pools, and other such establishments there are huge discounts that are offered to students although they have to show their ID card.

7. Security & Safety: Assuring citizens, visitors, and international students of safety and security, Russia receives good marks on the global safety index. So, all the aspirants no matter from whichever country they belong to be it male or female can go around with confidence and freedom. In addition to this, Russian universities strictly supervise the dormitory gates, campus, and other areas 24 hours a day. In order to avoid any kind of disruption during their studies, all the aspirants are provided with the complete security by the universities.

8. Familiarize with the Russian language: Although the Russian universities provide all the courses in English language, but aspirants are required to learn the Russian language as it will help them to move in around the city and deal with the locals quite smoothly. Their long duration of stay in the new country will become comfortable and they will also get an insight about the new culture and traditions. Moreover, they will be provided with a variety of opportunities across many industries by learning Russian as a second language. After learning the new language, aspirants will quickly adapt to the new environment thus making the stay more comfortable.

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