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Few Myths & Lies about the Russian Medical Universities

Few Myths & Lies about the Russian Medical Universities

Among all the careers and profession, becoming a doctor is the most noble one and almost everyone while growing up during their childhood days must have a dream of becoming a doctor, especially in Indian families.

Moreover, in India, getting admission in any medical university is the most crucial task because of many factors revolving around it. In India, the medical admission procedure is highly competitive, involves hefty donations and huge amount of tuition fees in some Indian private medical universities, and the reservation system.

Moving ahead, when the Indian medical aspirants are too keen to pursue MBBS and could not secure a seat in their preferred medical university in India, they choose study abroad in order to fulfil their dream and MBBS in Russia is the most preferred one not only by the Indians but many other international medical aspirants from all around the world.

While there are some who give upon this dream as unfortunately, regarding MBBS course and Russian medical universities there are wide-spread lies and myths and most of the interested aspirants get demotivated to join some of the top Russian medical universities due to these reasons.

Moving ahead, here in this article, we have provided facts about some of the most common myth and lies about pursuing MBBS from some of the top Russian medical universities so that while planning to secure MBBS from Abroad, aspirants can take a decision appropriately taking into consideration all the pros and cons.

Some of the Myths are as follows:

Myth No 1. MBBS from Russia take Forever:

Fact: The course duration of MBBS in Russia is of 6 years and it is not a lifetime, don’t you think. There are some Indian medical aspirants who waste more than 3 years while appearing for the NEET exam in the hope of getting admission in Indian medical universities.

Aspirants who are really keen to get an MBBS degree should not step backwards thinking that it is too time consuming as the rewards that they will earn after getting the degree is much more one could ever think of.

Pursuing MBBS from India takes 5.5 years and that does not really make much difference as pursuing a 6 years MBBS course from Russia does not mean you have wasted your years. In fact, you will get an experience of your lifetime while pursuing MBBS from Abroad.

Myth No 2. Russian Degree is not Valid in India or other Foreign Countries:

Fact: This is not at all true. MBBS degree from Russian Federation universities is completely recognized not only in India but all the international countries. The only thing is that the medical graduates who wants to practise in India will have to appear for the NEXT exam after the completion of the MBBS degree. Similarly, medical graduates who wants to practise in any foreign country will have to appear for the FMGE, USMLE, PLAB or the entrance exam of the foreign country they have chosen to practise.

Myth No 3. Medical Graduates from Russia are not paid appropriately:

Fact: There is a most common belief that the medical graduates who have taken their MBBS degree from Russia are given less salaries as compared to the Indian medical graduates. But this is not at all true. Once the Medical graduates from Russia have qualified the NEXT exam, they will be paid equally as their other colleagues. In fact, there are many cases where foreign graduates are paid high salary packages due to their capabilities and knowledge.

Myth No 4. Admission Myth due to huge intake in Russian Medical universities:

Fact: Another most common misconception about the Russian medical universities is that because it takes huge number of medical aspirants every year, so when the aspirants reach 5th or 6th year of their course, they are debarred. This is not at all true. This is completely depended on the academic performance of aspirants. When the aspirants are performing well during their pre-clinical years, then they will definitely perform well in the clinical years. Those aspirants who have not cleared their preclinical years will be debarred even if they are pursuing MBBS from India. If this was supposed to be true then, the Medical Council of India or the National Commission of India would have definitely taken action against these universities and would have issue notice on their websites against taking admissions in Russian Medical Universities.

Myth No 5. Difficult to crack NEXT exam for Russian Medical Graduates:

Fact: This is one of the most common misconceptions about the Russian medical graduates. However, this is completely false. The ratio of medical graduates clearing the NEXT exam is more as compared to foreign graduates from other countries. In all the top Russian medical universities, the Indian medical aspirants are provided with the NEXT coaching by the Indian doctors who are the members of the National Commission of India. The Indian medical aspirants are provided with NEXT coaching as soon as they enter the second year of their course. By the time, they reach the final year of their MBBS course, they are so well prepared that, they are able to clear their NEXT exam at the first attempt. Hence, this is the most effective step taken by some of the best top Russian medical universities in order to help aspirants clear the entrance exam during the first take without losing any more years.

Myth No 6. Crimea is under warzone:

Fact: This is one more myth about the Russian medical university which is not at all true. There is a common belief among many international medical graduates that Crimea is in a war zone so it is not a good place to pursue MBBS which is false. But they are unaware about the fact that during the year 2014, Russia had invaded and annexed Crimea from Ukraine and everything is legal and the documentation process has also been completed. Crimea Federal University or Crimea State Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Russia due to various reasons which we have mentioned in one of our articles, Some of the Key Features of pursuing MBBS in Crimea Federal University and we would suggest aspirants to go through it while shortlisting some of the medical universities in Russia for pursuing their MBBS course. Similarly, in this case, if it would have been true then the National Commission of India or the Medical Council of India would have posted and issue a notice on their official website about the University. In fact, it is the most highly ranked medical university in Russia and the ratio of medical graduates from this university clearing the NEXT or FMGE is more than many other Russian medical universities.

Thus, in this blog we have tried to clear all the major misconceptions about the Russian medical universities that have been going around in the mind of the medical aspirants from all around the world. Aspirants should know that today when they have an easy access to internet, they can explore all the information regarding various medical universities they are planning to pursue their MBBS in and not believe in all the myths and lies which are going around for so many years. Despite all these myths and lies there are many international medical aspirants who are pursuing  in some of the best Russian medical universities.

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