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15 Things you must be aware about before entering into a Medical College

15 Things you must be aware about before entering into a Medical College

As the most important year of all the medical aspirants have just begin, for which they have been waiting since the time they entered their first year of college and starting preparing for their NEET exam.

Aspirants should be aware about certain other important things when they are planning to pursue MBBS and before searching for best universities in order to accomplish their goals of becoming a doctor.

Moreover, no matter whether aspirants are pursuing MBBS in their country or MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Abroad, certain things are same in every medical college and aspirants should prepare for all the things from the beginning.

Mentioned below are some of the most important things that all the medical aspirants need to take into consideration and it is important to work on every factor in order to complete their course of MBBS smoothly and effectively:

  1. No spoon feeding in medical college: Firstly, the most important thing all the aspirants must be aware about before entering into a medical university is that there will be no spoon feeding you will get in your new college. In order to get into a medical university or even in order to crack NEET you all must have enrolled into a top coaching institute. In short, your grades where a reflection of the kind of coaching you must have received and directly or indirectly the marks you secured must be all due to good or average coaching you have taken during your NEET preparation. But as soon as you enter your medical college, your professors are not hold responsible for the grades you are securing whether high or low as it is completely self-study. Aspirants will have to search themselves what they have to study, from where they have to study and how you have to study. So, in short, all the aspirants need to take their own responsibility.
  2. Post NEET Inertia: This is another most important factor which we have already discussed in our previous blog and most of the aspirants are hit by this post NEET inertia. After studying very hard from the last few years, cracking NEET and then getting into a medical college makes most of the aspirants relaxed and they want to enjoy this phase after the NEET wherein they want to enjoy their college life and take a break from their studies. But however, this break time goes around for so long that the aspirants do not realise that in order to enjoy their first year of medical college they have ended up wasting a lot of time. Aspirants only realise this when their first-year exams are approaching and they are not prepared at all for it. All the aspirants are likely to go through this, but always remember you do not have to get carried away by this feeling and start studying as much as possible so that you do not have to go through stress during your exam time.
  3. Internal Assessment: After cracking NEET all aspirants feel like they have really slogged a lot and now we can enjoy the first year of medical college as first year is not that important. But however, this is completely false as aspirants need to clear their Internal Assessment. It is a tool which make all aspirants eligible to appear for their final exams. Until and unless internal assessment is clear which are merely 50% in every medical college depending upon the university the aspirant is pursuing MBBS in, they will not be allowed to sit for their final exams. In Russian medical universities aspirants have to take signature from the professors of every subject after which they become eligible to appear for their final exams only after clearing all the internal assessment. If internal assessment are not clear, then aspirants will get detained and will have to repeat the same year along with their juniors which really will be embarrassing for them.
  4. Attendance in medical college: Attendance is very important in every medical college be it in India or abroad. So, aspirants should make sure that they are regular with their classes from the first day itself. Aspirants are only permitted to give their exams only if they have attended 80% of their lectures.
  5. Hostel life in medical college: In medical universities, hostel life is one of the most important things that any aspirant will get to experience in their life time. Staying away from families in a new country with new people make aspirants learn to become independent, trust and develop a feeling of unity among people for each other. After hostel life is over, aspirants will cherish all these memories which they have formed by staying in the hostels during their course of study.
  6. First year is a non-clinical year: Another most important thing aspirants should remember that first year is all about non clinical subjects. Anatomy, Biochemistry and physiology are non-clinical subjects which are taught during the first year. Aspirants are wrong if they are thinking that they will get to experience or interact with patients from the first year itself.
  7. Ragging does not exist in Russian Medical universities: Unlike some Indian medical universities, ragging does not exist in Russian medical universities or any university around the world. Even in India, there are anti ragging committees which take effective and strict action against the one’s who are caught doing so and they will be charged under non bailable offence. So, aspirants do not have to worry about ragging and only focus on studies and other activities in the hostels.
  8. Senior Junior Relationship: This is another most important thing in medical colleges anywhere in the world. Medical field is a profession where you get to collaborate with your seniors or juniors in the operation theatre. So, even if you are doing internship, you will be working with each other and this is the reason why it is always suggested that aspirants should maintain a strong and healthy relationship with each other.  Hence, in this profession seniors play a vital role in helping their juniors deal with daily obstacles and to deal with hostel life and other activities.
  9. Don’t let your Hobbies down: Aspirants are also suggested that apart from studying and working extremely hard with strong determination of accomplishing your dream of becoming a doctor, you should also enjoy some leisure time as it will not only keep you focussed but also instil new energy in you. So, aspirants should not even waste their time and at the same time also get enrolled in some extra-curricular activities.
  10. Know the Books to Study from:  From the first year itself aspirants should be aware about which material they should refer to while they are studying for MBBS and they should also start preparing for their NEXT exam or any other license exam which they are planning to appear for from the very beginning.
  11. Essential Things you need to Buy: Aspirants travelling for the first time to a new country for the course of MBBS should gather the complete information of all the essential items they might require as soon as they enter a new country. Our expert counsellors at New Era Education will help you guide with all the essentials items you might require while you are staying away from your family.
  12. First year is Building Block: Generally, during the first-year aspirants do not realise that Anatomy, Biochemistry and physiology are extremely important and they also help you with the other subjects. By the time, aspirants realise this, it is too late. For an instance when aspirants reach their third year, in order to understand medicine, you need to know the human body’s pathology or pharmacology and in order to understand pathology you need to know body’s anatomy and physiology. So, everything is interconnected with each other and in case if you don’t know all this how will you find the abnormalities in the body and the correct diagnosis to it. So, aspirants need to focus on building these subjects strong.
  13. Friendship and Relationship in medical colleges: In medical colleges, it is often observed that initially when aspirants enter the first year of college, they have a different group and till the time they complete their MBBS they have many new friends and at times their circles turn small as time passes by. So, aspirants this is all normal and part of life. Accept it and move on.
  14. Fresher Party and College Festivals: During the first year of medical college, aspirants should attend their fresher party and all other college festivals as it provides aspirants a chance to know each other well and will also introduce them to international culture which will build a strong bond among each other. Aspirants will have to interact with each other and participate in college festivals as well as it important to learn new things in your medical profession.
  15. Depression and Anxiety: These are the things which every medical aspirant will have to go through during the time they are in their college for pursuing MBBS. MBBS is a profession which almost takes away almost 6 years of your life and during this stage you are always appearing for some or the other exam. But however, if you compare your life with your non-medical friend, then you will notice that some are getting married or some are enjoying their life and this will create a feeling of anxiety and depression in you. So, aspirants will have to learn to handle this feeling effectively because you will later realise that it was worth it.

Taking all the above mentioned things into consideration will not only help you to deal with the obstacles in life smoothly but it will also help you complete the course of MBBS with great dedication.

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