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Effective Study Plan in order to Crack NEET 2023 Smoothly

Effective Study Plan in order to Crack NEET 2023 Smoothly

Medical aspirants are aware about the most important exam in their career through which they will be able to get into their dream medical college and accomplish their goal of becoming a doctor.

Aspirants should keep in mind that in order to fulfil their dream and achieve your goals they should focus on ways that will lead to the path wherein they can get satisfaction that they have reached where they always wanted to with the help of all the hard work and efforts made by them.

Although NEET is the most difficult exam in any career but all those who are really dedicated and focussed should have a belief in them that if they really wish to achieve something in life then it would merely be a piece of cake with the required efforts invested by them.

Moving ahead, aspirants are now aware that in order to pursue MBBS in abroad or in order to pursue any medical course in India, they will not only have to appear for NEET exam but they will also have to qualify with good scores in order to get into their dream college.

As this year comes to an end and with the NEET results already been declared last month, aspirants all over the country are facing the most difficult time in order to secure a medical seat of their choice.

There are aspirants who must be blaming themselves for not putting enough efforts or must be thinking they must have pushed themselves a little more do not realise that it is of no use pressurizing oneself as the seats in India are less for MBBS and because of so many factors deserving Indian medical aspirants are not able to secure a medical seat in India.

Aspirants who are not able to secure a medical seat in Indian government medical colleges should never opt for Indian Private medical colleges instead we would suggest to take the opportunity for pursuing MBBS in Abroad as it has several advantages for pursuing MBBS in Russia or many other foreign countries.

In this article, we will focus on how to crack the most competitive entrance exam smoothly in order to get into a medical college of your choice. So, to begin with there are several months left for the next NEET exam which in a way is a good thing for the aspirants to pace up with the early preparation.

The syllabus of this competitive exam is completely based on 12th standard syllabus majorly of the subjects that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

So, in order to complete the entire curriculum in the next few months, here are some of the most important tips that aspirants need to follow in order to accomplish their goal by securing the highest on the NEET exam and getting into one of the best medical colleges:

  1. Divide the Syllabus: Aspirants are suggested to divide the entire syllabus accordingly dedicating some parts for every month and also keeping enough time for revisions as well.

    Aspirants should not do too many things at the same time which might lead to confusion and also do not follow just one pattern instead they should focus on creating more interesting ways of learning.

  2. Make Arrangements for the Required Resources: Aspirants should begin their preparation in such a way that while starting for their preparation, all the resources that are essential for doing so are all available with the aspirants which will save as much time as possible and it will be utilised in their preparation.

    Some important tips that aspirants should take a note of while completing their syllabus smoothly:

    • NCERT for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
    • MTG tips for Biology and Chemistry
    • DC Pandey for physical numerical exercise

    The above mentioned are some of the most standard and preferred books by almost all the NEET aspirants as it is very easily explained.

  3. Be Thorough with NCERT: Aspirants should be well revised with NCERT for theoretical learning. For Biology and Inorganic Chemistry, aspirants do not need to refer to any other books apart from NCERT.

    Moreover, do not skip on any single thing and make sure you have gone though the entire NCERT notes.

    Moving ahead, do not forget to practice all the solved questions for Physics, from Physics NCERT.

  4. Practice the MCQs: ‘Practise makes a man perfect’ is not merely a saying. Aspirants should practise all the MCQ’s of the above book in order to be thorough with their preparation.
  5. Solve Practice Tests: In order to check your progress and overcome your weaknesses, aspirants are suggested to solve practice tests as much as possible.
  6. Solve Previous year’s NEET Papers: In order to be aware of the level of difficulty of NEET exam and to know the standards of the test, aspirants should solve previous years NEET papers.

In some cases, aspirants find it difficult to secure more marks on Physics as compared to other subjects. So, in order to achieve good marks on Physics exam, aspirants should make a note of the following guidelines:

Generally, for all the medical aspirants Biology is the most scoring subject and Physics is one of the most difficult subjects.

Particularly, for the year 2023, the preparation of NEET Physics includes various theoretical concepts as most of the problems are related to each concept and is the most work-intensive.

While preparing for NEET Physics 2023, aspirants should focus equally on the overall Physics syllabus as the Physics syllabus mostly have an equal weightage of class 11 and class 12 questions.

Moreover, the Physics section consists of 50 questions and aspirants should try to complete those first which they are thorough with and then go for the ones which they are unclear about.

In order to perform better overall and get medical admissions in top medical colleges in India as well as in Abroad, aspirants need to score excellent marks in NEET Physics 2023. Do not miss out on a chance to score well on numerical problems.

Pointers to Follow while preparing for NEET 2023 Physics:

  • Go through the complete Syllabus: One of the most important thing aspirants need to do while preparing for NEET Physics 2023 is that they should examine the complete syllabus of the subject. Including the syllabus for both 11th and 12th standard, the NEET 2023 Physics Syllabus consists of 29 chapters.
  • Pay more Attention to Important Topics: While preparing for NEET Physics, aspirants need to know which subjects carry more weightage as compared to others based on the analysis of NEET previous year questions. For all those aspirants thinking about how to prepare for NEET Physics 2023, this is the most effective strategy.

We have mentioned in detail the syllabus for NEET Physics preparation. Some of the most important topics aspirants need to study well are as follows:

  • Mechanics
  • Modern Physics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Optics
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Waves

Aspirants need to study all the above-mentioned topics thoroughly giving each topic the required time and hard efforts.

  • Clear the Concepts: Aspirants should always have a clear and complete understanding of the concepts while preparing for NEET Physics 2023. Moreover, while learning the theoretical part of regular physics concepts, aspirants should make use of their knowledge about a particular concept into solving multiple-choice, number-based problems.
  • Choose the Appropriate Study Material: For NEET UG 2023 Physics, the best preparation material should be NCERT. While preparing for NEET Physics, aspirants must solve all the numerical problems, including those covered in the NCERT examples section and study all the concepts in the syllabus.

Apart from all this, aspirants must refer to the best NEET Physics books mentioned below to understand how the concepts are applied and also to practice numbers:

  • NCERT Physical Class XI and Class XII
  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker
  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov
  • Objective physics by DC Pandey
  • Fundamental physics of Pradeep’s work
  • Objective NCERT Physics with MTG at your fingertips
  • Important Formulas: Formulas play an essential role while preparing for NEET Physics 2023. It is important that the aspirants must study and know all the formulas. Aspirants should make a note of all the important NEET Physics formulas and their related concepts and keep it handy just in case they want to refer it any given point of time.
  • Practice Regularly: Aspirants preparing for NEET Physics 2023 should always remember that practice is the key. They must practice everything thoroughly be it numbers or formulas. They should also practice solving previous year NEET 2023 Physics questions. By regular practice aspirants will come across different types of problems which will help you to learn different concepts while solving problems.
  • Solve practice tests: In order to familiarize themselves with the actual exam day scenario, it is extremely important for the aspirants to take online practice tests. There are many training centres that are set up by the National Tax Agency in order to make it available for the aspirants even on Saturdays and Sundays. This is the reason why; aspirants are encouraged to take as many practice tests as possible in order to improve their answering speed since NEET is conducted offline.
  • Sparing sometime for Revision: While aspirants are learning each topic thoroughly, it is also very important to revise whatever already has been learnt. So, while preparing for NEET 2023 Physics, aspirants should make it a habit of regular revision since regular revision is the only way to keep the subject fresh till the time of the exam as the NEET Physics syllabus contains a lot of concepts and formulas.

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