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20 Reasons for Indian Medical Aspirants to Pursue MBBS in European and Asian Countries

20 Reasons for Indian Medical Aspirants to Pursue MBBS in European and Asian Countries

Although pursuing MBBS in Abroad seems to be a dream of many Indian medical aspirants, but at the same time it is not impossible as long as aspirants are aware about the right source in order to get into the best medical universities all around the world.

Indian medical aspirants choose to pursue their course of MBBS in Abroad due to the rigorous competition between the aspirants in India for Indian government medical colleges, reservation system and high amount of donation and capitation fees demanded in Indian private medical colleges.

Moving ahead, Indian medical aspirants who are not able to get into a good Indian medical university for MBBS, sometimes either give upon their dream of becoming an MBBS doctor and settle for some other course or reappear for their NEET entrance exam wasting a complete year again with the hope of securing good scores in order to get into Indian government medical colleges.

On the contrary, there are some smart ones who choose an alternate opportunity of planning to secure MBBS in abroad in order to fulfil their dream without wasting any further years of their precious time.

We would suggest all the aspirants to choose European country Russia and Asian country Bangladesh in order to pursue their course of MBBS as there are major reasons, advantages and benefits of choosing them especially for Indian medical aspirants as these are the most ideal study destination for your profession as noble as medicine.

Not only Indian aspirants, but aspirants from all around the world choose Russia and Bangladesh in order to pursue their course of MBBS because of the same reasons.

From the last few years, these countries have gained momentum for being the most preferred destination for the course of MBBS as these countries’ welcome aspirants from all around the world without any strong demand in order to pursue the course of MBBS in them.

Moreover, in all the top medical universities in Russia and Bangladesh, there are huge number of seats in every top medical university in order to pursue the course of MBBS.

Europe and Asia are not only famous for having some of the best medical universities in the world but also for many other reasons.

MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Bangladesh are the best choices for pursuing medical course in European and Asian country as these countries provide world class medical education without any strong criteria or requirement.

Adding to it, the demand for MBBS in Europe and Asia has increased tremendously over the last few decades and there are various reasons why Indian medical aspirants should study MBBS in Europe and MBBS in Asia.

Some of the various reasons and factors are mentioned below:

  1. Cost of Tuition Fees: Pursuing MBBS course in Europe and Asia are cheaper than pursuing it in other international countries all across the globe. The cost of tuition fees is also low and extremely affordable as compared to other international countries in the world.
  2. On the contrary, it is extremely difficult to secure admissions for MBBS in Indian government medical colleges and the fees for pursuing MBBS in Indian private medical colleges is extremely high.

    This is one of the most important reasons why pursuing MBBS In European and Asian countries like Russia and Bangladesh is cheaper, more feasible and considered to be a better opportunity.

  3. Medical Degrees are Recognized Worldwide: The degrees awarded by the medical universities in Europe and Asia are not only recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India but the degrees are also approved WHO, UNESCO, FAIMER and many other medical organizations of the world.
  4. This is the reason why, after pursuing MBBS from these countries, foreign graduates can work and practise anywhere in the world.

  5. Cost of Living: Another major advantage of pursuing MBBS in European and Asian countries like Russia and Bangladesh is that the cost of living is lower than many other international countries across the globe.
  6. Moreover, the universities provide world class hostel facilities that too at an extremely affordable cost with all the necessary requirements so that the aspirants can have a comfortable stay for a long duration of their MBBS course.

    Apart from this, the cost of living in these countries are also low mainly due to the lower healthcare expenses in Russia and Bangladesh.

    On the contrary, the aspirants are also given options to choose for their personal or sharing stay accordingly.

  7. Europe and Asia are the best places to live: Generally, aspirants do not face much difficulty while adjusting to the climate in Europe, although some of the places in Europe has a mild climate. But in Russia, as the climate is cold, aspirants do take some time to adjust but eventually they get used to it as the country is centrally heated. Russia is a transcontinental country spread over Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.
  8. Also, there are many countries in Europe which provides free healthcare facilities to all its citizens due to which there are no health insurance premiums or deductibles and thus the cost of living gets reduced.

    On the contrary, the climatic conditions of Asian countries are same as that of our country. This, is the reason why aspirants do not face any issues while pursuing their course of MBBS in Bangladesh.

    Moving ahead, apart from the cost of living and tuition fees and many other living facilities are also good in Europe and Asia such as education, transport, vast and colourful history, etc. and all this makes Europe and Asia, the best place to live in.

  9. Transportation Facilities: Another major advantage of European and Asian country is that its efficient transportation facilities provided by its government for a safe and better travelling for all its citizens in and around the country.
  10. Moreover, aspirants can travel via trains, buses, trams, etc. and explore new places in Europe and Asia and can enjoy some good time in the country.

    Aspirants do not require to get a driving license as they do not have to drive in Russia and Bangladesh because of the efficient public transportation options available in these European and Asian countries.

  11. State of the art facilities at Medical Universities: Another advantage is that medical universities in Europe and Asia have state of the art infrastructure in terms of laboratories, classrooms, libraries, research centres, arts, etc.
  12. Adding to it, the classrooms, libraries and the laboratories are quite advanced with modern technology which helps in increasing the aspirant’s involvement which in return brings out the best productivity resulting in a better future for the aspirants.

  13. Aspirants get Cultural Exposure: Aspirants can come across the colourful culture of Europe and Asia, while pursuing their course of MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Bangladesh.
  14. Moreover, the monuments, places, standard of living, various destinations attract the Indian and many other international aspirants making them feel like their own land.

    Apart from this, Indian aspirants get an opportunity to pursue their course of MBBS with many other international aspirants and thus they get a chance to come across or experience a multicultural environment and a colourful cultural exposure of various international countries.

  15. Eligibility Criteria is Minimum: There is a minimum eligibility criterion for pursuing MBBS in any of the European and Asian countries such as Russia and Bangladesh.
  16. It is mandatory for all the medical aspirants to complete their 12th in science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology as subjects.

    Indian medical aspirants also need to clear their NEET exam while applying for international medical universities and need to be more than 17 years old.

  17. Excellent Research Facilities & Internship Programs: The foreign medical aspirants can pursue their internships in Europe and Asia itself as the medical universities in these countries have many affiliated hospitals.
  18. The medical universities in Europe and Asia provide all its aspirants with many excellent research opportunities.

  19. No IELTS/ TOEFL Required: Aspirants do not need to appear for the IELTS or TOEFL exam in order to pursue MBBS or other medical courses in European or Asian countries.
  20. Thus, the admission procedure for pursuing MBBS in European and Asian countries are quite easy and simple.

  21. Availability of Food: In European and Asian countries, aspirants can easily get food according to their taste because these countries have so much of similarity with our own country. So, Indian aspirants can have an option of both vegetarian and nonvegetarian Indian food.
  22.  Safety of Aspirants: Moreover, for the Indian and international aspirants, the environment of Europe and Asia is extremely safe. This is the reason why, all the aspirants in Russia and Bangladesh feel secure and safe.
  23. Adding to it, the environment is much safer for female aspirants irrespective of their nationality.

  24. Accommodation Provided by the Universities: In European and Asian countries like Russia and Bangladesh, aspirants are provided with the world class accommodation facilities within the university premises itself with all the essential requirements that are necessary for the aspirants comfortable stay for such a long duration of their course in the new country.
  25. Not only this, there are separate accommodation facilities for girl aspirants.

  26. English is the Medium of Instruction: In Europe and Asian medical universities, the medium of education is English. Moreover, it is the most spoken language in these countries.
  27. Although in countries like Russia and Bangladesh, their native language Russian and Bengali are commonly used, but English is majorly used in education institute and for business purpose.

    Even though, Russian is taught in the universities for practical but the medium of instruction for the course of MBBS is English.

  28. Similar Syllabus: In European and Asian countries, the course syllabus for pursuing MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Bangladesh is almost similar to the MBBS syllabus in India.
  29. This is the reason why, after completing MBBS, aspirants will not face much difficulty even if they return to India.

  30. Focuses on both Practical and Theoretical knowledge: The medical universities in European and Asian countries like Russia and Bangladesh are highly advanced.
  31. Moreover, these countries not only focus on theoretical knowledge but also on the practical aspects of the courses too.

    Adding to it, the medical universities also encourage all those aspirants who want to pursue and complete MD degrees.

  32. Experienced and Well-Trained Faculty: The teaching staff in the medical universities of these countries are quite expert and extremely professional in their respective subjects.
  33. They make all their aspirants’ expert doctors by providing them best medical knowledge in every medical subject.

  34. Aspirants can practice in any European and Asian country: After completing MBBS from European and Asian countries, Indian aspirants can return to their country and after acquiring NMC license, they can easily practise in India and even apply for other post graduate courses.
  35.  Medical Programs follow International Standards: The Medical universities in European and Asian countries are structured with the help of subject matter experts and are designed in such a way that they follow international standards in order to make sure that they provide highest quality in the curriculum.
  36.  Quality education: All the top medical European and Asian universities in Russia and Bangladesh provide world class education to all its medical aspirants keeping in mind the advanced technology development in the field of medical education. Thus, MBBS in European and Asian countries such as Russia and Bangladesh are best opportunity for all the medical aspirants who wants to pursue the course of MBBS as compared to other international western countries across the globe. Aspirants should make sure that the university is as per their requirements, budget and goals and start with the preparation.

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