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What are the Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh?

What are the Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh?

In every Indian household, the one thing that is common while bringing up kids is that they encourage their children to take medical as a profession while growing up and you would always get an answer that they want to become a doctor whenever someone ask them about the profession they are planning to choose.

Although there are several reasons attached to it, each to their own. Some may want to end their poverty and thus might think that if their children make a career in the profession of medicine, their financial condition would improve. Some might want to earn fame and name in the society; thus, they may be encouraging their children to take up a medical career.

Moving ahead, the bitter truth about the profession of medicine is that it is very difficult to get into a medical college of one’s choice in order to pursue the course of MBBS in your own country, especially India.

But however, although it is extremely difficult to get into a medical college, the ratio of aspirants planning to take up MBBS is increasing every year and there is a cut throat competition among the medical aspirants in order to get into their dream medical college.

In India every medical aspirant not only dream about getting into an Indian government medical college but also put in huge efforts to get into one even though if it comes with a cost of appearing for the NEXT exam again and again.

 On the contrary, medical aspirants are aware of the fact that the ratio of the medical aspirants is increasing every year and they are facing a tough competition with each other for hardly few thousand medical seats in Indian medical government colleges.

Apart from all this, when aspirants are not able to get into Indian government medical colleges due to various reasons such as reservation being one of the major disadvantages in the country, the medical aspirants turn towards Indian private medical colleges wherein they only have one option in order to get into these colleges and that is through paying huge donations and extremely high tuition fees.

But, however, there has been a tremendous change and advancement in the field of medical education all around the world and medical aspirants have become smarter and wiser as compared to their previous generations. They now explore various opportunities in order to pursue the course of MBBS and fulfil their dream of becoming an MBBS doctor.

Because of less chance of getting admissions for the course of MBBS, not only Indian medical aspirants but many other international medical aspirants are planning to pursue MBBS in European and Asian countries such as MBBS in Bangladesh and MBBS in Russia as there are several advantages of pursuing medicine in these European and Asian countries.

Moving ahead, after the great demand of Russian medical universities for so many decades, another destination that has been emerging as one of the best study destinations among Indian medical aspirants for pursuing the course of MBBS is our own neighbour, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Not to forget that there are a certain percentage of medical aspirants who nowadays do not wish to pursue their MBBS from Russia or MBBS from China due to some personal reasons or reasons best known to them. Moreover, pursuing MBBS in Ukraine has now been risky as most of its portion are invaded by Russia and Ukraine is still under the threat.

Coming to a conclusion for all the aspirants who are keen in pursuing the course of MBBS, Bangladesh is the safest and nearest for all the Indian medical aspirants and it provides huge advantages to all its aspirants and now we will be looking at these advantages in details.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

MBBS in Bangladesh fulfil all the conditions Indian medical aspirants and Parents are looking for in order to pursue the course of medicine in one of the best international countries. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Firstly, the syllabus and the curriculum of the Bangladeshi medical universities is similar to that of Indian Medical Colleges which is backed by the NMC i.e., the National Medical Commission which was earlier known as the Medical Council of India. Not only this, but even with regards to same books which are followed by the professors and aspirants so, this is the reason why the course of MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to the MBBS course in India. Adding to it, Bangladesh medical universities follows the same study pattern, similar medicine, similar duration of study, similar study plan, similar diseases and even the examination pattern is the same.
  • Another most important advantage is easily affordable tuition fees, cost of living and other expenses in the country. Bangladesh is one of the best international countries wherein the medical universities provide lowest packages to all its medical aspirants in order to pursue the course of medicine. Not only this, there are no donations or any hidden cost involved while securing admissions for the course of MBBS or during the entire duration of the course. This is another most important reason why it has been most preferred by the Indian medical aspirants is the extremely low cost of education in comparison to the private medical colleges in India and also many other foreign medical universities across the globe. Even the cost of living is affordable by many medical aspirants in terms of hostel, mess and other expenses which do not add burden or stress to the aspirants in order to deal with their financial conditions.
  • Considering another most beneficial point is that the entire tuition fee is waived off for all the aspirants from any of the SAARC countries in all colleges including the best medical colleges to pursue the course of MBBS in Bangladesh. So, the aspirants will only have managed the cost of living and other expenses which is like a dream come true for all those aspirants who are even struggling for their basic necessities. Thus, bringing down the costs even further for such kind of aspirants helping them fulfil their dream of becoming an MBBS doctor from an international country.
  • Another most important advantage is that in order to pursue the course of MBBS in Bangladesh medical universities, aspirants do not require to appear for any separate entrance examinations, even though if they want to secure MBBS admissions in the best medical colleges in Bangladesh. All the aspirants only require a good GPA in their secondary examinations which means that even with an average mark on your 12th standard examination will serve the purpose of getting admissions for MBBS in any best medical university in Bangladesh. Although it is easy to secure admissions for MBBS in Bangladesh in any top medical college but all international aspirants need to fulfil a particular criterion in order to be eligible for pursuing their MBBS from Bangladesh.
  • But however, before securing a medical seat in any international medical university, Indian medical aspirants need to check thoroughly whether the university is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or not otherwise even after completing the course of MBBS, foreign graduates will not be allowed to practise in India. This is because even after the completion of MBBS the license to practice in India or any other country are not directly applicable and all the foreign graduates need to appear for the NEXT exam as well as qualify that in order to obtain a practising license from the National Medical Commission of India.
  • Moving ahead, another most important advantage is that almost all colleges offering MBBS in Bangladesh are not only approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC) but also by WHO, UNESCO, FAIMER and many other leading organisations that provides recognition to the degree worldwide.
  • Another best advantage about pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh medical universities is that it is not only providing best theoretical knowledge but also offering world class practical learning to all its medical aspirants by implementing various modern methodologies, techniques and equipment.  The in-depth practical knowledge along with good clinical exposure in all the hospitals attached to the universities is one of the best medical experience any aspirant would get as clinical learning is more important in the profession of MBBS. This is the reason why high standard of education and good infrastructure makes pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh as one of the best opportunities that an aspirant would ever get.
  • Adding to it, even the culture and weather of Bangladesh is extremely similar as that of India not to forget both the countries were one nation before 1947. So, the food habits, different cuisines, language spoken, similar attire, same history, same festivals are observed in the country which makes it more comfortable for Indian medical aspirants to choose Bangladesh for pursuing their course of MBBS. Adding to it, many Indian medical aspirants are found in the cities of Bangladesh such as its capital Dhaka, Comilla, Raj Shahi and other Chittagong based Colleges. Even the distance from the Indian city Kolkata to the capital city Dhaka is very near and the travelling is stress free. On the contrary, it is very hectic and stressful to travel to other European and western countries in the world and thus, Bangladesh as been gaining popularity among Indian medical aspirants for pursuing the course of MBBS.
  • Coming to an end, even the easy admission procedure and the visa procedure makes it smooth for the aspirants to secure an MBBS seat in Bangladesh medical university without any stress due to which the ratio of Indian medical aspirants have been increasing tremendously.

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