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Russia Expects to Launch Visa-Free Tourist Exchange with India

Russia Expects to Launch Visa-Free Tourist Exchange with India

There is still a lot to be done. This includes simplifying the application form for an electronic visa and expanding countries for visa-free group tourist exchange. For this year, we are setting ourselves a key indicator and a key country - India,” Russian Deputy Minister Dmitry Vakhrukov said during an expert panel at the Tourism Day as part of the Russia exhibition.

Russia and China launched a visa-free group tourist exchange from August 1, 2023, as part of an intergovernmental agreement. In addition, from August 1, a visa-free group tour exchange between Russia and Iran was also launched.

Benefits of Visa-Free Travel for Tourists

The introduction of visa-free travel between Russia and India brings a multitude of benefits for tourists. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for time-consuming visa applications, making travel planning much simpler and more convenient. Indian travelers will be able to embark on spontaneous trips to Russia, knowing that they can explore its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes hassle-free.

Steps Towards Implementing the Visa-Free Exchange.

h Implementing a visa-free exchange program requires careful planning and coordination between the governments of Russia and India. Several steps need to be taken to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

First, both countries need to establish clear guidelines and regulations for visa-free travel. This includes determining the duration of stay, entry and exit requirements, and necessary documentation for tourists.
Additionally, systems and processes must be put in place to ensure the efficient handling of visa-free travelers at border crossings and airports.

Furthermore, the two countries need to collaborate on promoting the visa-free exchange program to potential tourists. This can be done through marketing campaigns, travel fairs, and collaborations with travel agencies.
By raising awareness and generating interest, both Russia and India can maximize the benefits of the program.

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