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The Cost of Becoming A Doctor in India!

The Cost of Becoming A Doctor in India!

Do you remember the time, when you were in grade 3rd and used to raise your hand every single time when the teacher used to ask the question, who wants to become a doctor? Well, that was the time when becoming a globally recognized doctor and serving humankind was the only dream of each of us! Since grade 8th our motivation to become the doctor remained the same. However, the number significantly dropped to a quarter in the next two years, when the students got exposure to the intrinsicties of the discipline and were given the chance and were also ready to explore their interests and passions. The filtration that usually takes place after the 10th grade actually helps in deciding the career path for a student. But, filtration does not stop here, when intermediate students actually get concerned about their future. All those students who opted for the medical field as they wanted to become doctors, start to give it they’re all.

Unfortunately, there are still various concerns and obstacles that medical students have to face throughout their journey till the time they don’t get their license to practice medicine in India or any other country in the world. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the obstacles that all the aspiring Indian medical students have to go through to become a doctor which is extremely expensive as compared to the MBBS abroad. These are some of the reasons due to which many medical students drop their choice of career to become a doctor and choose to settle for something a lot less.

1. NEET & Coaching

As per the mandates issues by the government of India, any medical aspirant who is willing to study MBBS either in India or MBBS abroad has to have qualified for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination). The admission happing the government medical universities of India, in which the fee is significantly low, is completely based on the merits of the NEET-UG examination.

Well, unfortunately, the country as of present does not have a sufficient number of medical seats to cater to the constantly rising number of aspiring Indian medical students. In short, the number of aspiring Indian medical students is inversely proportional to the number of medical seats in India. In NEET-UG 2021, there were about 16 lakh students who appeared for the NEET examination and were competing for approximately 40,000 seats. This clearly indicates that almost 400 students are competing for the 1 medical seat in India. This has in turn made studying MBBS in India nothing but a rat race.

In order to win this race, a huge majority of medical students often take help in the form coaching! There are various institutions in India that have gained themselves a good name in offering this assistance. However, securing a seat in any of these renowned institutions is itself trouble that many aspiring Indian medical students are not able to conquer. Therefore, along with school fees and board fees, the students and their families have to pay up the heavy charges to the coaching institutions (as they do not assure 100% MBBS admission).

There is no denying that all these may sound like a huge help for all the young medical students, but alas, it further reduces the opportunities for various socially and marginally underprivileged students to make the competition more cutthroat. There have been various cases where due to this incredible pressure and the fear of not performing well in the exam and ultimately not being able to secure a medical seat, which is one the leading cause for teen suicides happening all across the country.

The extreme pressure, and high expectations from the family and the society, along with other unfortunate circumstances, and of course lack of essentials and monetary resources, etc. often results in the increased cases of depression amongst the NEET appearing students every year.

The Justice A.K. Ranjan Committee, set up by the state government of Tamil Nadu has made a similar conclusion after which the NEET exam was scrapped for the students of Tamil Nadu.

2. Comparison of MBBS abroad or Private Medical Colleges of India

As it has been already mentioned by the Government of India, that in order to secure a medical seat in government or private medical college of India, every aspiring medical student needs to take the NEET-UG test and must be able to make it up to the top cream and counter the sever and cut-throat competition. One of the greatest perks of studying MBBS from an Indian government college is that of fees. The fees in any Indian government medical college are very much affordable and come easy on pockets. However, if you once qualify for the NEET examination but fall short in terms of marks or ranks, then we can assure you that you might find yourself in the dilemma of choosing the option of studying MBBS abroad or seeking admission in any private medical college in India.

First thing first, the eligibility to study MBBS in India or MBBS abroad is absolutely the same. The medical student needs to qualify for the NEET-UG examination with passing marks and should also score at least 50% marks in all the major subjects of class 12 (physics, chemistry, and Biology). The only difference that is between MBBS abroad and MBBS in India is the cost of MBBS. The difference between MBB abroad or choosing to study MBBS in India from any top medical university is as huge as 70%. This clearly means that studying MBBS abroad will always cost you 70% less than seeking admission and studying MBBS from any private medical university in India. MBBS abroad from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, and other major countries will always come easy on pockets.

Let us have a look at the overall cost of becoming a doctor from the scratch and find out the approximate estimate in all the possible options.

Average Tuition Fee in Private School (Class 11-12)* INR 80, 000 (approximately)
Average Cost of NEET coaching (2 years)* INR 4,00,000 (approximately)
Total Expenditure in School Years* INR 4,80,000

Cost of MBBS in Govt. Medical Colleges of India*

Cost of MBBS in Private Medical College of India*

Cost of MBBS Abroad (Govt. Medical Universities of Russia)*

~INR 5,00,000 (full course) ~INR 3,84,00,000 (full course) ~ INR 18,00,000 (full course) (approx)

Cost of MBBS in Govt. Medical College of India*

School Fees+Coaching Fees+MBBS in Govt. Medical College of India

School Fees+Coaching Fees+ MBBS in Private Medical College of India

School Fees+Coaching Fees+MBBS in Govt. Medical College of Russia

~INR 9,80,000 ~INR 3,88,80,000 ~INR 22,80,000

*The above-mentioned sum is approximate/ estimated/ average amount. The actual cost may vary from institution to institution.

It is to be also noted that with MBBS abroad, the necessity to score well in the NEET-UG examination also significantly diminishes, therefore, if you are through with your basics, you do not necessarily have to pay up for the NEET-UG coaching. One of the greatest perks of studying MBBS abroad is further reducing the expenditure to become a doctor for Indian students.

Apart from the affordable MBBS fees, there are various other advantages of studying MBBS abroad which prove to add further stars in the career of its pursuers.

Here are some of the other benefits that a student will get if he or she chooses to study MBBS abroad rather than seeking admission in any private medical college of India-

  1. Globally recognized MBBS Degree
  2. Abundant Clinical Exposure
  3. Associations with International Fraternity
  4. Participation in the Best Education Practices
  5. Multiple Career Choice
  6. Overall personality Grooming


All considering everything, the only thing we conclude is that it is indeed a great option to study MBBS abroad rather than seeking admission in any private medical college in India. For all the aspiring Indian medical students who are looking out for the best and affordable MBBS abroad options after NEET 2021, here are some of the countries that you can add to your list. Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and others.

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