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Major Points That You Should Know Before Pursuing MBBS in Russia

Major Points That You Should Know Before Pursuing MBBS in Russia

Choosing to study MBBS in Russia is one of the best choices for Indian medical aspirants who are looking to study MBBS abroad at an affordable cost and desire to graduate with a globally recognized MBBS degree and want to practice their medical career in other parts of the country or back in India. As fascinating as it may sound, it is also a very crucial decision for Indian medical aspirants who decides to study MBBS abroad from Russia, in order to pursue their dreams of becoming a globally recognized doctor! With a fistful of medical resources available for the country for all the undergraduate medical training programs, many aspiring Indian medical students give up their hope to pursue their dream and those with a stronger determination and passion go with the best and wisest options of studying MBBS in Russia.

With the world being an oasis waiting to be discovered, finding the right country and a medical university to study a 6-year MBBS program at an affordable fee at times gets extremely difficult. And that is why we believe that MBBS in Russia is indeed a great and the best option for all medical aspirants who have made their mind to study MBBS abroad. Therefore, it is always advised by the experts to keep up with the fish view in order to get the most out of the choice you would make when you will be choosing the best Russian medical university to study MBBS in Russia. As the options are just endless and great that it gets you confused.

The very first step when it comes to MBBS in Russia is to put a finger on the medical university where you wish to study MBBS in Russia. All aspiring Indian medical students must keep in mind that they must not rush behind the fantasy and glamour or hullabaloo behind the medical university when making a choice to study MBBS in Russia. To choose a renowned and the best medical university to study MBBS in Russia and get a globally recognized degree, all the students must have complete information about the following points. Here are some major points that a student who desires to study MBBS in Russia should keep in mind before making this decision.

Expenses to Study MBBS from a Russian Medical University offering MBBS in Russia

One of the best ways to identify how expensive the medical university is to know how strong its currency is in comparison to the Indian Rupee. Medical universities in countries like Australia, Singapore, USA are considerably more expensive when compared to the medical universities offering MBBS in Russia. Therefore, it is important to identify the budget and check which Russian medical university would be more affordable and will fit into your budget when you choose to study MBBS in Russia.

Safety and Security offered by the Medical Universities of Russia

The most important thing that parents are concerned about while their kids go to study in Russia is the safety and security of their children when they will be studying MBBS in Russia. Therefore, it is very important to ensure safety and security before sending your child to a foreign land. Well, to be honest, there is no country that has an absolute zero crime rate. There is still a need to identify the countries which are more student-friendly and are safer. The students and parents can check the crime rate in Russia, through the internet to know and avoid the areas of red. Rest the hostels offered by the medical universities of Russia are under CCTV surveillance and are always under the supervision of strict wardens.

International Reputation of the Medical University offering MBBS in Russia

Every country’s global reputation is also extremely important when a student is making a choice to study MBBS abroad, and we all know that the reputation of Russian medical universities is globally known and also accepted. It is always advisable for students to look for the medical university they are choosing to study MBBS in Russia which holds a good reputation globally. It is mandatory to check out the international reputation of medical universities because only reputed medical universities offering MBBS in Russia will give an aspiring Indian medical student a vast and healthy exposure to various field advancements and help you in establishing yourself at a strong position in the global fraternity.

Climatic Conditions of Russia

Before you decide upon a medical destination to study MBBS in Russia, make sure you are well aware of the climate and weather conditions of Russia. Though Indian students are very versatile and flexible when it comes to adapting to the temperature climate of plains or humid climate of the coastal regions, they still might find it a bit daunting to adjust in areas of Russia having 6 months’ night or 12 months of winter or extreme sun. Russia does have some regions which experience extreme cold but are moderately temperature.

Local Culture of the Country

Well, till now with the above searches, you might have come to a conclusion, that Russia is indeed the country for you to study MBBS abroad. This last search will help you further to filter out the choice for your MBBS in Russia study. The majority of students usually prefer that they get a warm and carefree environment to relax after their hectic busy schedule. The reserved and restricted environment is usually frowned upon. Henceforth, all the students are always encouraged to choose the countries which share similarities along with good and healthy relations with India and treat Indian students with great gestures. It is one of the major reasons why MBBS in Russia, is one of the popular choices amongst Indian students.

Once you have decided upon studying MBBS in Russia, the very next step is to find the most suitable university. Choosing a university to study for MBBS in Russia is indeed a critical stage. It is the stage where many students and parents complain about fraud. Any kind of carelessness or recklessness at this step will mess up everything and will cause unsatisfactory experiences during the course in the future. So, if you want full clarity in deciding which medical university you must choose for your MBBS in Russia, here are 5 important and must-ask (mandatory) questions that you must ask your education advisor before rounding upon any medical university as your medical destination.

How many Indian students are studying in Russia? What are the top 3 Medical Universities having the most number of Indian students?

Getting to know how many Indian students are presently studying in medical universities, especially in the top 3 medical universities will surely give you a clear picture of the best medical universities to study MBBS in Russia. In this way, you will have a short and concise list of the best medical universities offering MBBS in Russia which will help you to choose an ideal one for your MBBS in Russia study. If you get the chance to interact with Indian students studying MBBS at those specific universities or any alumni from the university, don’t forget to ask them about their experiences at the university. Ask every kind of question that comes to your mind, like the problems they faced and how they overcame them, and other such related questions.

What is the preferred medium of education and communication for Indian students within the University offering MBBS in Russia?

There are many medical universities in Russia that promise to offer an English medium education along with a bilingual medium of education. Whatever medical university you are choosing for your MBBS in Russia, make sure you are getting your MBBS education in the English medium. While studying MBBS in Russia you would be required to learn the local language for effective communications during your clinical rotations as it will be easy to get in contact with the patients. However, the local language of the country is usually being taught in the universities as part of the curriculum for all international students.

What are the services that Indian students get from the university during their MBBS in Russia study? What are the other services that your education advisor offers you with?

Well, another important thing that every student needs to consider when they make their mind to study MBBS in Russia from a top and reputed the medical university of Russia is the various additional services that international students will get while studying MBBS in Russia. All you need to do is just ask about the various services that you will be offered by the university and what in addition to that your education advisor would be providing while you are choosing him over various others that are known for offering MBBS in Russia. At New Era Education, along with the services provided by the medical universities in Russia who are known for offering MBBS in Russia, all the enrolled Indian medical students will various other benefits like safe and comfortable accommodation, along with the availability of Indian mess, safe travel arrangements, visa processing, and other benefits too, so that the journey to study MBBS in Russia remain hassle-free.

What kind of curriculum is followed at the medical universities offering MBBS in Russia? Are they recognized in India?

It is another important point that students should ask before to head to study MBBS in Russia from a famous Russian medical university. Do the Russian medical universities offering MBBS in Russia follow the curriculum that is approved by the National Medical Council (NMC), formerly MCI (Medical Council of India)? Students do need to ask this question to their student's education advisors too before they head to Russia to study MBB in Russia. Globally two different medical curricula are being followed by most of the countries that are known for offering MBBS abroad - European and US System. Though the only major difference between the two is that of the name of the degree. If the medical university is listed by NMC (National Medical Commission) it is valid in India and if it is accredited by ECFMG/FAIMER it is also valid in the USA.

What are the specific arrangements for ensuring the safety and comfort of the students at the university while studying MBBS in Russia?

Apart from the country’s safety index, the students and parents must also thoroughly go through the university’s safety protocol offering MBBS in Russia. The safety concerns should not be just about the outside interferences but also within the university and also within the campus as well. Several medical universities offering MBBS in Russia have established regulations against ragging/bullying and checkpoints in hostels, canteens, and university premises.

So, don’t forget to ask all these questions before you choose your medical university to study for MBBS in Russia.

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