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Reasons Behind the Huge Craze to Study MBBS in Russia

Reasons Behind the Huge Craze to Study MBBS in Russia

The reasons behind the unending craze of Indian medical aspirants to choose Russia as their study destination for pursuing MBBS are numerous. The advantages Russian medical universities are offering as compared to other medical universities in different foreign countries are greater than one could ever expect. Easy Admission procedure, no entrance examination, reasonable or affordable tuition fees and hostel fees, low cost of living and great exposure in clinical years along with FMGE coaching all this makes it a dream destination for medical aspirants to choose Russia as their study destination for MBBS. Also, the advantages of becoming a doctor by pursuing MBBS from Russia are way too much as compared to pursuing MBBS from Private medical universities in India or other medical universities in Abroad. Also, medical aspirants do not loose hope and remember that the opportunities are more in case you could not get admissions in the medical universities in your country

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In India for MBBS, there is a huge demand of doctors in various sectors of medical profession due to various reasons one of them being the respect and money earned by doctors as compared to any other profession. Due to this, most of the parents want their child to choose medical field as a profession be it any department and they put in a lot of efforts to succeed in this. Sometimes, they also build pressure on their children to get this dream fulfilled. This is the reason the ratio of students taking science after their 10th exam is more and then from right after that they struggle for cracking various entrance exams start. Apart from this, the truth is that the profession of medical is given so importance that people consider and treat every other career as just normal profession, no wonder whatever efforts have been invested in accomplishing or making any other career.

Especially, in India, doctors are treated like God and are regarded as the highest human being on earth, no matter however small your degree is. Doctors are treated with respect everywhere irrespective of your caste, colour or religion. It is true that the field of medical is trending all around the world because of all the above mentioned reasons. Also, parents leave no stone unturned when it is the matter of making their children doctors and surgeons. They are also ready to sell their most possessed or precious property such as land or jewellery and take loans in case if the situation demands.

Moreover, it is also about the name and respect parents think they will earn in the society if their children choose to take medicine as their career.

Apart from this, in other scenario, it is also about the interest that aspirants develop for the field of medical profession. Most of the times, aspirants find medical profession as quite challenging and for those aspirants who like accepting challenges, medical profession is a must.

There are times when aspirants are made to feel special and treated differently than their siblings because they managed to fulfil their parents dream. At times, aspirants are even threatened by their parents to take MBBS as a career and in case if they don’t succeed in fulfilling their parents dream the behaviour of their parents change drastically towards them. Some parents managed to get their this dream succeeded by manipulating their children from school days only by telling them about the benefits of becoming a doctors and how all other career are useless as compared to taking medical as a profession.

Also in our society, medical profession is highlighted very well and in movies and films, the medical profession is shown quite positively because of which it leaves a lasting impression on today’s generation.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is the biggest truth about the medical profession. No matter whether you are interested or not but most of the aspirants choose to take this profession because they are forced to believe that this will increase their status in the society and their standard would also be high and their lifestyle would also change. Without any offense to medical aspirants, MBBS is not a joke and becoming a doctor requires huge efforts to be made by the aspirants as well as their family. If an aspirant is really interested and wants to become a doctor, he would definitely put a lot of dedication in getting success in this filed.

But in case, when an aspirant is not too keen in taking this profession and is only doing so just to make his or her parents happy, he would have to go though really difficult times in his live and his personal and profession life both would be affected. After taking science, in high school, the real struggle starts when the aspirants choose to prepare for MBBS because that is the most difficult profession to achieve success in.

The struggle of parents and their children is real after their 10th studies when they start enrolling their children for coaching centres by paying hefty fees in order to score good marks on their entrance examination.

Apart from this, the coaching centres charges huge amount of fees from them approximately between 3 to 5 lakhs which adds as a burden on them. At times, when aspirants failed to get in into the best medical university, they feel like they have wasted their parent’s money. In some case when aspirants can afford to pay fees and take good coaching, they put in a lot of efforts by self- studying.

Moreover, in India, it is also due to reservation system that deserving candidates failed to get MBBS admissions in top medical Universities. It is then that most of the students choose to Study MBBS in Abroad in order to fulfil their dreams and most of the students choose to compromise and change their plan and take something else.

Many times, some dedicated aspirants who are keen to pursue MBBS only as their profession do not give up and keep trying until they are succeeded in getting admissions in their dream college. Some end up wasting their years and still are not able to get into a medical field. Aspirants and their parents should understand that apart from money, dedication and huge efforts, one also requires patience to get success in achieving your dream career.

Hence, the field of medical profession especially, becoming an MBBS doctor is in great demand in India as well as other foreign countries. However, hard work and efforts are not just limited to becoming a doctor. But after that, when aspirants are planning to pursue Specialization and do P.G., there start another struggle of getting into a P.G. University.

Nowadays, aspirants have become smart and innovative while choosing to pursue MBBS as their dream career. They don’t lose hope when they fail to secure admissions in their home country because of various reasons they explore and search a lot on various opportunities they can choose to fulfil their dream.

After a lot of research, they have started choosing Russia as their study destination for pursuing MBBS abroad and accomplish their goals that too within their budget.

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