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Few Things you need to know about studying Abroad

Few Things you need to know about studying Abroad

Aspirants spend a lot of time in order to explore about various opportunities in order to pursue higher studies in Abroad. The period after the NEET entrance examination is over and till the NEET results are out, is the actual period wherein you should explore about various opportunities to pursue the most important studies and accomplish your dream of being into a noble profession which is being a doctor.

Moreover, it is always suggested that medical aspirants should not limit their frame of education within boundaries and should go out of their way in order to accomplish their dream career. MBBS in Abroad, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China and MBBS in Bangladesh have been in demand from many years among international medical aspirants.

Moving ahead, if aspirants are not able to secure a medical seat in their home country, then they should proceed with all the above-mentioned opportunities and do not give up on their dream even if they have to face difficulties and stress in order to convince their parents and guardians.

Although, we have mentioned in many articles about advantages of pursuing MBBS from Abroad, now in this article we will be discussing about how after securing a medical seat in any foreign country, what are the aspirants expected to do during the time between receiving the admission offer and joining the foreign university.

Moreover, this is the time which introduces aspirants to develop new skills, learn a new language, explore more about the socio-economic culture and also various job-related opportunities be it full time or part time and about permanent residency in order to fit into the new country.

Medical aspirants are required to work on the following factors before leaving their study destination for higher studies in order to make their stay during the entire journey smooth and comfortable.

1. Dealing with the New Dialect: No matter whichever country you choose to pursue your higher studies from, English is a universal language and you need to be strong and fluent in it because even if the local language of the country is different you will have to communicate with them in English. So, either you will have to learn the local language or have a great command on your English language. It is also suggested that if you can try to grasp their local pronunciations in order to have a strong and healthy conversation with your patients as a doctor and patients relationship requires a lot of communication. In order to get a hang on how their language is spoken you can watch videos before you reach your study destination. Even if you compare with western countries like UK, spoken English varies from where you belong to such as Scotland, Ireland, Welsh, etc. as they all have different accents. On the other hand, countries like Russia, China and Bangladesh have the same accents and the language also remains the same in the entire nation which does not hold true for our country India as although Hindi being our national language our regional languages are many. So, this is the positive side about pursuing MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China and MBBS in Bangladesh. In fact, when you are pursuing MBBS from these countries, you do not have to join any language classes as they will teach you along with your course so that it becomes for you to communicate freely with the locals and move around in the city. In order to learn some relevant words and phrases in the native language of your study destination, you can make use of a bilingual English dictionary.

2. Life in a Foreign Country: There might be possibilities that your perception about the country you will be pursuing your higher studies from may be based on reliable sources such as well-researched travel guides, frequent travelers and books which are suggestions in order to give you an insight in the country or form a perception based on movies where in-depth about the country’s history is shown. Therefore, it is very important to understand a new culture, different people, political views, different climate and altogether a new history of the country. There are certain things that you should stay away from and that can be serious issues, taboos or even subjects that you should avoid even commenting on as it could invite serious trouble. Few best things to explore about a new country and get to know its rich and colorful history is to know more about the festivals, art, music, events, important occasions and landmark that are of great significance as it might also help you to become friendly with the locals in the country. Life in a Foreign country would become quite a journey of your lifetime only if you are ready to make it the best one and prepare yourself from the beginning i.e., as soon as you are going to enter the country. As it will also help you to make your stay worth living in case you are planning to work in that country and trying to get permanent residency.

3. Smart Shopping and Packing: It is always suggested that aspirants should not carry unnecessary items along with them at their new destination and only require items that might not be available in that country. We have mentioned in details in our blogs regarding MBBS from Abroad about the essential items that are aspirants are required to carry along in order to have a smooth and comfortable journey throughout the course. Aspirants should avoid overloading themselves as they can have a limited storage because they will be sharing their rooms with other aspirants. The most important items should be on the top in the list such as documents, medicines and reference books which might not be available in the new country. Aspirants should make sure that they carry their visa and travel documents along with other additional copies as they might need them during the process such as opening an account in the bank, etc. Medicine prescriptions should also mention the duration of your stay as it might not be possible for getting new set of medicines on time as it is not easy to get medicines on the counter in a new country as it is in India. Especially for countries like Russia, make sure that you carry enough warm clothes for cold and long winters. Before travelling to a new country, aspirants should explore about the climate and weather in order to get an idea for packing new items and clothing.

4. Use of Digital Payments and Bank Account: Aspirants should not carry hard cash in huge amount and it is aways better to check how much currency you are allowed to carry in that country. As far as opening an account in the bank is concerned, then kindly contact international banks and enquire modalities. In fact, it is better to have your savings in the bank account in the new country rather than keeping hard cash with you as it is very convenient to use cards and make an online payment through various apps and this will also keep your cash safe. In case if you are in need, it will also help you to get an easy transfer from your country.

5. Learning about the Laws of the New Country: When entering a new country, aspirants are also suggested to know more about the rules and regulations of the new country so that they can be careful about any unwanted event that might land them in trouble during their stay of the course. Also, aspirants are suggested to know more and more about the laws regarding work and residency just in case if you plan to take a part-time or a full-time job in a new country or you wish to settle there.

6. Acquire all the latest information regarding the Currency Exchange: One more important factor about pursuing MBBS in Abroad is that the aspirants should always have up-to date information about the currency exchange as it will be beneficial for them in the future during their departure and also after the arrival in the new country. Most of the time, aspirants take into consideration their daily expenses after choosing their study destination. When you are pursuing your higher studies in Abroad and that too in a country which an extremely unstable economy then do not expect that the US dollars will remain the same when you have checked the exchange rate a few months ago. When you are planning to set your budget monthly rather than days, then even minute changes in the currency rate can make a huge impact and you may also find yourself spending Western Europe money in the new country which you perceived as a budget-friendly destination.

7. Be aware about the Latest News for important Updates about the New Country: Aspirants are suggested to watch all the important international news for any kind of the latest updates about the new country in which they will be pursuing their higher studies from. By watching the latest news, you will come to know about how the economy of the country is working in case if they are going through a major political crisis, health crisis or in case if they are going through the state of emergency and so on.

8. Outings with Friends and Mingling with other international aspirants: Aspirants should make it a routine to explore different places in the new city which will be their home for the next 6 years along with the new friends they will come across in the University. Best time to explore the country is during your weekends because initially the students can get enough time for exploring the country. You will get a chance to explore in-depth learning with your new counterparts, learn more about their different culture and traditions of that country and the aspirants from other international countries. It will also help you to make the best relations and connections with all the aspirants.

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