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Things you should avoid when planning to pursue MBBS from Abroad

Things you should avoid when planning to pursue MBBS from Abroad

It is a well-known fact that most of the time choosing MBBS in Abroad is a decision made when aspirants fail to secure a government seat in India and they cannot afford to secure admissions in Indian private medical colleges because of huge amount of donations and extremely unaffordable tuition fees.

Apart from all this due to various reservation system meritorious aspirants are not able to secure a government medical seat because of which some choose to pursue MBBS from Abroad, while some of them give up on their dreams and choose alternative medical courses.

In today's time when the world has reached to new heights with regards to achieving success in the field of education because of updated technology, medical aspirants all around the world have started travelling all around the world in order to pursue MBBS and fulfill their dream in attaining success in their career.

Moving ahead, before planning to choose to pursue MBBS from Abroad, there are several factors which aspirants need to take into consideration while going with the latest trend of Pursuing MBBS from Abroad as there are many countries which offer MBBS course but all of them are not recognized worldwide.

Before planning to choose Abroad as their study destination, medical aspirants need to keep in mind the below mentioned factors:

Aspirants should not consider MBBS Abroad just because it is the latest trend

Pursuing MBBS from Abroad should not be decided on the basis that it is a latest trend because everyone is planning to travel Abroad for medical studies or it is the latest fad but it should be decided keeping in mind the importance of medical education in terms of theories and practical which is extremely crucial in the field of medicine and aspirants should always choose a country in Abroad with complete and in-depth knowledge about the course, availability of the job, different career opportunities, details about the placement and the lifestyle of doctors who have completed their MBBS from Abroad.

Moreover, choosing Abroad as your study destination only because you were not able to secure a medical seat in Indian government or Private medical university is no reason to travel Abroad without any assurance about the future after completing MBBS from Abroad medical universities. The country you choose for your medical studies will have a huge impact on your future as the decision you make in the present should be decided by taking into consideration your future lifestyle, capabilities, determination, dedication and a strong will power that you will have to invest in your profession which is of utmost importance in the field of this noble profession as medicine is not just a career option for you but a matter of life and death.

Every aspirant is aware of the fact that the profession of medicine revolves around the lives of individuals and one wrong decision of a doctor can costs an individual his or her live as well as loss to near and dear ones. So, it is always suggested that one should enter in this noble profession only when one is dedicated towards this career and has a strong will power to become a doctor and not because it can earn you huge rewards in terms of money or in order to get fame in the society.

Aspirants should not choose a country because of its popularity

The most important step is to choose a relevant country for your course and that is possible only after exploring complete information of the country, you are planning to choose for MBBS. Choosing a country for MBBS from Abroad also depends on the relevancy of the degree the Universities are offering as it requires a long duration of maximum six years in your career which are the most crucial years in your life.

Aspirants should not choose a country on the basis that you will get to visit the country as it is a major tourist attraction or just because you will be visiting a country on your own and you will be getting your freedom of doing things which you are not allowed when you are staying in your home country with your family.

While pursuing MBBS from Abroad, aspirants should also choose a country depending on the safety of your new study destination and how strong friendship it shares with your home country. Apart from all this, you should also consider other factors such as tuition fees, cost of living, whether the degrees are recognized worldwide, medium of instruction, flow of patients, time required to travel, whether the syllabus include major disorders or not etc.

Aspirants should not take decisions based on family and friends

Pursuing MBBS from Abroad should be a personal choice as it is completely based on an individual's decision to choose a country for their higher studies based on the relevant information an aspirant has acquired after exploring in depth information about a particular country and the university they are planning to get admission in as it is a matter of the duration of time the person is going to stay in the country, the relevancy of the degree, hard efforts an aspirant is going to invest in completing the course and the money a person is going to spend in the name of tuition fees, cost of living and other expenditure during this duration.

Aspirants are suggested not to choose a country because they have their relatives there or their friends have also chosen that country but they should decide on a country on the basis of factual information they have gathered through relevant source.

In order to decide a country or a university for MBBS from Abroad, aspirants should have an appropriate checklist for study Abroad before taking admissions in medical universities in Abroad.

Do not Neglect the Admission and Visa Procedure

Aspirants should be aware of the fact that every country has a different admission and Visa procedure and while giving admissions for international aspirants every university and country has its own guidelines which they strictly need to adhere to during the admission and Visa procedure.

In order to secure admissions in a particular university, aspirants are suggested to gather complete information regarding important factors such as worldwide rankings of the university, quality of education, NEXT or FMGE coaching for medical aspirants, Admission procedure, visa procedure and other details before taking admission in a particular university.

Aspirants are suggested to secure admissions through authorized consultants and personally visit the official websites, rather than depending on third party or agents who cannot manage to help you in between the course when you are in need.

Do Not Ignore the Foreign Laws

Before entering your study destination, aspirants are suggested to check for all the foreign country's legal procedures and local laws of the country and the university both.

Aspirants need to understand that when they enter into a particular country, every country has its own rules and laws which every law-abiding citizen be it local or foreign migrant need to strictly follow.

Aspirants should also keep in mind that if they do not follow these rules and regulations of the country, then it would be a crime and they might invite unnecessary trouble as being ignorant about the country's legal laws will not be acceptable under any circumstances. So, in order to be a law-abiding citizen of the new country you are pursuing your medical education from, you will have to check all the legal laws and guidelines which you strictly need to follow while you will be staying there for such a long duration.

Do Not Ignore the University's Recognition.

In order to pursue MBBS from Abroad, aspirants should always choose a university or a country keeping various factors in mind such as the university's ranking worldwide, whether the degree is valid from NMC, recognition, the passing ratio of the NEXT medical aspirants, feedback of the aspirants who have already graduated from the particular university and so on.

Aspirants should not consider other not relevant facts such as the exotic foreign location or popularity of a particular country which might not be useful or could be of no help while completing your medical studies or even after completing your MBBS from Abroad.

There are many medical universities in Abroad which might not be authorized worldwide or there may be entrance exams or language test in order to secure admissions in them which becomes an add on stress on aspirants who have already gone through a lot while appearing for NEET in India.

In some countries, where the duration of the course is more but he degree is not valid or recognized by MCI is on of the most important factor that every aspirant should keep in mind while choosing a country.

Do not Ignore your Financial Capability

One of the most important factors while choosing Abroad for pursuing MBBS is the cost of tuition fees and other expenditure, an aspirant will have to bear while planning to secure admissions in a particular country.

There are some countries which might not come under your budget as both tuition fees and cost of living would be expensive and there are some which might be under your budget but the degree may not be valid. So, aspirants are suggested to take a wiser decision accordingly as it would have an adverse effect on your financial condition and validity of the degree is also extremely important.

Aspirants are suggested to make a complete analysis on the finance part keeping in mind the cost of tuition fees for the complete duration, admission fees, visa fees, cost of living, travel expenditure and other necessary expenditure while choosing a country or a university as it might lead to financial issues later during the duration of the course and aspirants might end up wasting years or get in financial debt.

This is the reason why it is advisable to choose the right source for pursuing MBBS from Abroad.

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