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Misconceptions that NEET Aspirants think about Medical Courses!

Misconceptions that NEET Aspirants think about Medical Courses!

There is a huge hype regarding the medical profession in Indian families and we have witnessed this while growing up about the same as any school going toddler if asked about his or her career choice will give you an answer that ‘I want to become A Doctor’ because their parents have instilled this in their brain that becoming a doctor is a great profession.

Before you get into your career of becoming an MBBS doctor, you need to understand few misconceptions about the NEET entrance exam that will clear all your doubts and will also give you an idea about the aftermath stage of the NEET clearance.

Common Misconceptions that NEET aspirants think about medical courses:

  1. Qualifying NEET will confirm your admission in medical college:
  2. Most of the aspirants who have secured qualifying scores on the NEET exam think that will get admission for MBBS as they have cleared the exam. But, however, aspirants need to understand that qualifying the exam is a minimum criterion and qualifying NEET is merely a primary elimination criterion which only makes you eligible to attend counselling sessions conducted by various medical colleges.

    Aspirants should understand that if they want to secure MBBS admission in the top Indian medical colleges which have a good reputation with greater track record of years then they should secure above 600 out of 720.

  3. It is difficult to crack NEET:
  4. Although it is true that there are limited medical seats in India and the ratio of aspirants appearing for NEET exam is increasing every year, so the competition is extremely tough but it does not mean that it is impossible to secure MBBS admissions in any reputed medical university. It is always better to choose better opportunities outside in India such as MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Abroad, MBBS in China and MBBS in Bangladesh if by any chance aspirants could not secure admissions for MBBS in India.

  5. No Social life:
  6. Aspirants choosing Medical as a profession are commonly described as ‘Nerds or Geeks’ because of the myth attached with their profession that they are always surrounded by books and keep on taking some exam in their profession. Well, that is not completely true as an individual need to balance both studies and leisure activities at the same time. Apart from the profession of medicine, there are many other fields which require huge efforts, dedication, determination and time in order to acquire success in it.

    Moreover, it is the most important fact that one cannot attain success without costing anything. Apart from all this, you can still choose to be a part of many extra-curricular activities that some of the best colleges conduct every year wherein aspirants get a chance to showcase their other hidden talents such as art programs, plays, sports, annual gatherings, various functions and cultural activities and aspirants can also choose to be a part of poster/ppt presentations.

  7. Restricted Career Opportunities:
  8. There is a common misbelief that unlike Engineering where you have various domains to explore and built your career in, the profession of MBBS do not have these kinds of opportunities.

    Aspirants who have all such queries will get their doubts cleared after going through the details mentioned below. So, after pursuing MBBS, aspirants can have various opportunities which they were not aware about it earlier:

    PG in various stream General Physician
    Medical IT & Software Programming Higher studies through USMLE or PLAB for UK

    Can Pursue MBA to join:

    ·      Hospital Management

    ·      General Management

    ·      Domain Consultant

    ·      Healthcare Administration

    ·      Health Insurance Work




    Pharmaceutical Management
    Public Healthcare WHO/UNICEF
    Academics/Research Abroad
    Civil Services - IAS, IFS, IPS
    Financial Services
    Medical Informatics
  9. Time Consuming to built a career in the medical profession:
  10. Well, that is the fact about the field of medical profession that in order to become a specialized doctor, it almost takes more than 10 years.

    With respect to many other fields or professions, pursuing a medical degree takes more time and also require huge efforts but Time management is something that an aspirant need to learn to manage well.

    But aspirants also need to understand that in order to make the foundation of their medical career strong they will have to invest their time in order to achieve success.

    Aspirants should also consider that they will attain a different kind of success in the field of medical as compared to their friends and families who have opted for something else and you will not be lacking behind rather you will emerge as more successful and earn huge respect in the society while you are saving other people’s lives. Hence, the efforts and time you will be investing will be beneficial for your future growth.

    In India, the time-line of becoming a doctor are as follows:

    Stages Year Wise Duration
    MBBS 5.5 Years
    Post-Graduation 3 Years
    Specialization 3 Years
    Fellowship (Optional) 1 Years
    Total Years 12.5 Years
  11. Best Profession to become Wealthy quickly:
  12. The most common misconception about the profession of medical among aspirants is that it is the best profession which can make you wealthy easily and quickly. Aspirants need to understand that this is not all true and that this is the most hard-working profession wherein you will have to invest your money and time both as compared to other professions. In this profession of medical field, a doctor takes an oath for a lifetime to treat patients and save their lives.

    In order to become a renowned surgeon, it requires several years of practise in order to establish those skills through which you earn a lot of blessings from the people whose life you saved and their family and friends.

    There is an advantage for those aspirants who are pursuing medical courses in government Medical Colleges wherein they start earning quite early and receive stipends approximately between 10k to 15k depending on the state.

    On the other hand, aspirants pursuing medical courses in private medical colleges do not have an advantage of these facilities.

  13. High Standard raised by the Society:
  14. This is one more common misconception among the people that aspirants who have just entered the first year of medical college have knowledge about x-rays, giving injections and are pro at suggesting various medicines for any kind of disease which is not at all true.

    Aspirants who have just started their first year of medical course will realize this truth that during the beginning of the education they cannot master such skills and they are only taught basic anatomy & some practical sessions in the lab, during the first two years.

  15. The profession of MBBS is for the rich class:
  16. Medical aspirants are aware of the fact that the degree they have chosen to pursue requires huge amount of investment in the name of college fees or even donations in private medical colleges in India. In some medical colleges in India, the fees of the medical colleges have reached to crores which is not easy for the middle-class aspirants to pursue MBBS in the university of their choice. In India, lower middle-class families are more likely to afford Government colleges including AIIMS rather than Private medical colleges.

    The most important step for any aspirant in order to get admission in the top medical colleges is to prepare well in the NEET entrance so that they can get admissions in the best government colleges which are quite affordable and provide best quality of medical education.

  17. Excellent Academic Track will not describe your strength:
  18. It is not at all true that an aspirant who have been doing well consistently during their school days will also excel when they enter into the field of medical education. Thus, some aspirants need to clear this misconception about the academic growth defining someone’s medical career.

    There is no such guarantee that aspirants will easily become a doctor, if their academic record has been excellent during their school days. People cannot be good at everything and medicine is a profession with various domain. The highest score of toppers on an average is around 70 - 75 percent. What is important towards your work is your dedication and as you practice more & more with consistency, it sharpens your skills that are required in this profession.

    The more depth in the field of medical profession, the misconceptions that are going around among the people regarding this is never ending and a lot of misconceptions regarding the MBBS course gets cleared only when the aspirants are pursuing it.

Aspirants who have just entered the first year of their medical college will not become a professional doctor right at the starting point of their career and they need to understand that in order to reach that milestone it takes years of experience and practise.

On the basis of their experience and knowledge, there are some professionals who earn in crores and in order to acquire new heights in the career, aspirants must have the curiosity to discover more, the required passion & love towards the career in order to keep the drive alive.

Thus, at the end of the day, it all depends on your perception, information, & dedication in order to achieve your goals and establish yourself in a particular domain of your profession. After pursuing MBBS there are various career opportunities and there are different domains in the medical field where you can establish yourself.

Aspirants are advised to do their own research rather than believing in all the myths and biases that are going around in the society about this field of career as it can greatly affect your life time decision, if the misconceptions are not cleared.

We at New Era Education, will provide you all the correct information regarding the medical courses, best medical universities in Abroad in order to pursue your dream career of becoming an MBBS doctor.

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