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MBBS is one of the top career choices for students in India. Thousands and thousands of students apply for the NEET exam every year to get admission into good and top-class medical colleges to pursue MBBS. There is also a rising trend of students going to abroad for pursuing medical education and then practice in their own country. Even the Indian students sign up to different universities around the globe every year for this. However, one of the prominent issues that both the students and the parents face is of choosing the right college or right university and in the case of abroad the right country for the MBBS education. Second, the budget issue is also there in the case of middle-class families.

There are several options that one might look at while deciding which country to live in and pursue medical education. Several countries like the United States of America, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan to the Caribbean Islands, and even our neighbor Bangladesh provide quality medical education at affordable rates. There are several myths to be debunked and many factors to be considered before pursuing MBBS abroad.

Studying and living abroad comes at different costs, and it is considered to be way costlier than the home country, and with abroad, it is a notion that studying MBBS in foreign universities is believed to be a high-priced affair. First of all, it is important to know the application and the entrance process, secondly the fee structure, the accommodation availability, and costs, as well as the different government colleges which provide quality education for the foreign students. The countries mentioned here not only provide quality education but also have affordable as well as lavish fees depending on the spending capacity of the person. The medical degrees in most of the colleges and universities abroad are MCI, WHO, ECFMG, and MCC approved. MBBS in countries like the USA, Russia, and Ukraine has proved itself as a benchmark in the field of clinical schooling. For Indian students, the basic eligibility is 50 percent marks in the 12th standard (Science stream- PCB) for general category students and 40 percent for the students of SC/ST or reserve categories. Since NEET is the qualifying exam for MBBS in India, it is the same there as well, NEET qualified for the admission process along with the required marks. The course duration is generally 4 to 5 years with an internship included with the medical degree. The medium of education is English. Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Bangladesh, along with Caribbean countries do not require additional exams apart from NEET and 12th scorecard. In the USA, the system is a bit different.

In the USA, the medical degree is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine) and it is not known as MBBS. The language of instruction is English for the medical courses in the USA. Apart from NEET and MCAT, the IELTS and TOEFL exams are also required, as the admission process is quite elaborate. The reason behind the elaborate admission process is the filtration process for the students, as there are different types of colleges and universities depending upon the economic background and educational achievements of the candidate. The IELTS exam is generally required for English speaking as the course medium will entirely be in English, the students are supposed to be totally fluent to learn and understand the course work and lectures properly.

The degrees provided in the universities of these countries are one hundred percent legitimate and also provide the opportunity for students to work abroad. The universities in the Caribbean Islands generally guarantee work in the USA as well. while studying from these universities is also beneficial for students who want to work in India. The medical degree is recognized and several foreign studied students come and work as doctors in reputed hospitals in India.

These countries provide education on an affordable budget which eases the financial burden on the middle-class parents of India. Plus, the kind of affordable education which the universities offer, with accommodation and basic facilities is quite helpful for students as well. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities are quite better for better grooming for students in order to blend well and work in a different country. The passport and visa for the students are easily available. There are several perks depending on different countries. For example, the primary benefit of studying in Bangladesh is that, in top private & medical colleges of Bangladesh, 25% of seats are reserved for Indian students, hence there are more opportunities for them in Bangladesh. Similarly, Indian students are preferred on their own reservation quota in all these countries. One of the major concerns of every Indian parent is about the food. There is not much reason to worry. Different types of cuisine are available on the campus and outside of campuses as well. Indian students can also find Indian food in the hostel mess and different restaurants.

Studying away from home is an adventure that no one should miss. Living with students from different countries will expose students to different cultures and societies. This exposure will help them to get rid of their pre-conceived prejudices and inner biases towards people who are different from them. This exposure will help in the growth of their personality. This personality will lead them to be truly global doctors and succeed in their profession. Living in a foreign country, one can go and explore exotic tourist places with friends and have many new adventures.

For experiencing these joys, one needs to discard the misconceptions about foreign countries and look for opportunities to study in these prestigious universities and train in the best hospitals. The training period is supervised by the best doctors in the world, and students are prepared to handle the toughest situations. The Indian parents, if they choose to send their kids abroad, will be choosing the right option for a better future, excellent career, and booming employment opportunities all over the world.

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