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It is a dream for many medical aspirants to pursue medicine and become a professional surgeon but due to less medical seats and increase in the number of medical students every year it has now become impossible for everyone to fulfill this dream.

Following comparison will help you differentiate between pursuing MBBS in INDIA vs pursuing MBBS IN Russia.

The cost of pursuing MBBS IN RUSSIA is extremely affordable as compared to other European countries and India. The cost of pursuing MBBS in INDIA is extremely high.
No requirement of donation or capitation fees. Most of the Private Universities in India are owned by renowned personalities which are very expensive due to high amount of donations and capitation fees to secure MBBS admissions.
No requirement of Entrance test. Entrance exams are not only compulsory but medical aspirants need to score extremely high to secure MBBS seat in any medical college.
Students are awarded with the degree of MD in Medicine Students are awarded with the degree of MBBS in Medicine.
Easy and Hassle free Admission Procedure. Difficult Admission Procedure
The duration of MBBS IN RUSSIA is of 5.8 years. The duration of MBBS IN INDIA is of 5.5 years along with internship.

MBBS in INDIA and Russia can be differentiated in many ways:

To secure admission in any top medical university in India, you first need to appear for mandatory entrance test (NEET) which is conducted on state and national level. Apart from this, scoring well is also important to secure admissions in any top medical university in India.

Without this, you won’t be able to qualify for MBBS admissions in INDIA.

For securing highest scores on the entrance you need to start preparing from well in advance i.e. after 10th when you have decided to pursue medicine.

You also have to get yourselves enrolled in coaching classes apart from your self-study.

There's a tough competition as the number of medical students every year are increasing and the medical seats remains the same.

Admission in all the government, private and deemed universities is completely depended on the basis of NEET score and then the medical aspirants are allotted with seats through counselling sessions based on all India rank in the merit lists and availability of the seats.

Apart from this, some Medical universities in India conduct their own entrance also which becomes extremely difficult for the students to concentrate or give equal attention to 12th boards wherein this sometimes lead to securing low scores on 12th boards.

Thus, there are number of factors, a medical aspirant must take into consideration while planning to pursue medicine in India.

Considering Russia, the medical education system has its own remarkable significance around the globe.

Russia is a huge country, comprising of many states and the number of medical government universities are also high with professional teaching staff and advanced technology.

There is no specific entrance to secure MBBS admissions in Russia, although few universities do conduct a test which is of the same level as that of 12th standard.

There is no specific entrance to secure MBBS admissions in Russia, although few universities do conduct a test which is of the same level as that of 12th standard.

The most important criteria is that the student must qualify their 12th board exams.

The Admission procedure is also on the basis of first come first serve.

The cut-offs of medical colleges in India changes every year whereas the criteria for securing medical seat in Russia remains the same irrespective of any state.

In India, students pursuing low scores but belonging to any reserved category can easily secure medical seat as compared to aspirants securing more than reserved category aspirants.

From Soviet Era, Russia has been the most popular study destination for medical aspirants. According to World Health Organisation, (WHO) Russia has managed to secure almost 30 positions amongst the top 100 ranking medical Universities.

In Russia, the government medical universities are funded by the Russian Federation itself. As the fees is subsidised by the ministry of health and education, it becomes extremely convenient and affordable for all the medical aspirants to fulfill their dreams.

In Russia, not only the fees is subsidized but the students are also provided with well-furnished accommodations by the Russian Federation. Excellent quality of education, well -equipped laboratories, In-depth guidance, well-furnished hostel facilities, approval by various organisations around the world and positive success stories of the pass out doctors, all these factors lead to an increase in the number of students choosing Russia for their MBBS study.

In India, the pressure of appearing and cracking the NEET exam and securing admissions in any medical college is so high, that it sometimes lead to death due to suicide of many medical aspirants.

Henceforth, as we can compare the two most important factors, which are admission procedure and fees, the advantages of pursuing MBBS in Russia is greater because of all the above mentioned important factors.

In India, there are many cases of fraud that are done by agents who dupe medical students by taking lakh of rupees in the name of donations and in turn promising them medical seat, but however in the end when students visit the colleges they are informed by the university officials that they were provided with the fake admission list and that the original admission procedure got over long ago.

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