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Studying abroad comes with two big questions for the students aspiring to do MBBS in a high profile medical foreign university – Why and How? While the answer to why is quite simple – in search of better opportunities, the question of how is the tricky one. It is important to choose the right country for MBBS abroad, but the question of how to choose the right country gives sleepless nights to students and parents alike. The growing competition in medical colleges in India opens the doors for studying MBBS abroad but getting the best option there is also a major headache. Indian students, especially from the middle class are often faced with such issues.

While one may be attracted to a particular destination due to the buzz, or the comforts, however reality might be different. The limited amount of money may not allow them to enjoy all the privileges, plus there are other issues that need to be dealt with while exploring the question of how to study MBBS abroad.

Here are certain factors which the students should keep in mind while applying for MBBS abroad.

1. Affordability: In India, a lot of medical colleges charge huge amounts of donations to get admission, however in foreign universities one must check whether there are extra charges or not. One must take into account the financial liability that studying MBBS abroad might put. A student must check all the available options and compare their fee structures, in order to have a clear idea of affordability for the course. A thorough examination of fees structure, semester fees and other charges will give an overall idea of annual expenses including hostels and other stuff. One should always compare the country’s currency with Indian Rupee to get a realistic figure in mind. It gives an idea to choose among the top countries like Russia, United States, Caribbean, Kazakhstan etc.

2. Safety: The most critical part of the country is to ensure safety. While one cannot say that the crime rate in any country would be absolutely zero, however one may look at the local authorities and law enforcement and their support to students and foreign nationals. One may also look at the security in different campuses in different countries to be safe and secure about their kids studying in any particular country.

3. International Reputation: The country’s global reputation is also extremely important when making an MBBS abroad choice. The students are always advised to look for a country which holds a good reputation globally. It is important because a reputed country would give you a healthy exposure to the several field advancements and help you in establishing yourself at a strong position in the global fraternity. Plus it will provide the right amount of career opportunities for working in that country and in other places as well.

4. Climate: Temperature can be one of the major reasons for choosing a country for MBBS abroad because Indian students have lived in different conditions than the foreign countries. One of the major issues is adaptability with that temperature in countries like Russia and Ukraine – which have colder temperatures or other countries with tropical climates. For such reasons one must look at their comfort level in these conditions to choose the right country for them.

5. Local Culture: You may already have a list of top countries for your MBBS abroad based on the processes above. This final evaluation will help you narrow down your options for medical school overseas. Students, on the whole, like to unwind in a warm and easygoing environment after a long day of studying. It is typically frowned upon to live in a reserved and confined atmosphere. As a result, students are usually urged to choose nations with which they have a lot in common and have good relations with Indians. It is one of the main reasons why Indian students prefer to study medicine in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Caribbean islands, and Bangladesh. After you've decided which country best suits your needs, the next step is to narrow down your options.

6. Recognition of Medical Degree: The NMC (National Medical Council), previously MCI is responsible for recognizing foreign medical degrees for employment in India. The major perk of pursuing MBBS abroad is the WDOMS listed medical colleges and universities, which provides the students to work internationally. On the global level, institutions and global bodies like the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), etc. also provide affiliations to the universities so that the degree gets acceptable at a global level. The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) is responsible for ranking the universities at the global level, which provides more recognition to the colleges and universities on a global level.

Procedure to Study MBBS Abroad

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