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Why choose Govt. Medical Universities in Abroad over Private Medical colleges in India.

Why choose Govt. Medical Universities in Abroad over Private Medical colleges in India.

Over the years, among the young generation, the study of medicine and health sciences or MBBS has grown all around the globe and the demand of doctors has also been increasing rapidly.

Today the number of medical aspirants planning to pursue MBBS abroad is far greater than what it was earlier many years ago. There are several reasons for this. In India, the number of government seats is very less and because of the category wise admissions, students from the reserved category who have secured less marks than the medical aspirants belonging to open category. This has pushed a certain section of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad.

Here, in India, the most difficult stream for securing admissions is MBBS. From last few years, securing admissions for MBBS has become more of a business. Every year medical aspirants need to appear for medical entrance through which they can take admissions in the medical universities.

Medical aspirants, all over India strive hard and put in so much of hard work to get admissions in the best medical college. They not in put huge efforts but also invest so much of money in taking classes for cracking and securing good marks on this entrance. Apart from this, medical aspirants also get stressed and depressed during this period of coaching till the time they get admissions in the best medical colleges.

Here, in India as there are less government seats few students from open category manage to secure admissions in them. Next option is then they try to get admissions in Private colleges through donations. Most of the time, the medical aspirants are duped by the agents of the private universities in the false hope of getting enrolment and later on once when the universities closes the admission procedures, they come to know that they have been cheated by the agents. Those medical aspirants who cannot afford to secure seat in Indian private colleges keep on appearing for this medical entrance because of the hope of getting admission in Indian government medical colleges. Due to this, they waste so many years in the dream of getting seat in Indian Government Medical colleges.

The obstacles of securing admissions do not end just on the issue of donations. Even after the students have taken admissions in the private medical colleges in India, they have to pay huge amount of fees every year and still they do not get quality education and huge exposure which is extremely important in the medical field. So what is the use of taking admissions in Private medical colleges in India when you know it holds no value or you will have to struggle a lot during your clinical year’s or even after that when you are planning to prepare for your Post-graduation.

Pursuing MBBS in Abroad have far more advantages as compared to pursuing MBBS in Indian Private Universities. By choosing to pursue MBBS in Abroad you are choosing global standards of education system with this includes better quality of life, better exposure, easy applications and hassle free admission procedure in top medical government universities which are also listed with WHO and approved by MCI as well. Pursuing MBBS in Abroad you will get an opportunity to choose a better quality of life, better exposure in the medical field, improvement in your personality development and various and better career options and opportunities.

As you are aware that MBBS in Abroad has so many things to offer, then it must be beneficial for everyone, off course. Pursuing MBBS in Abroad not only gives medical aspirants an opportunity to practice in a foreign land, provide medical aspirants with international exposure but it also gives them a holistic experience that will be cherished by them lifelong.

Here, at New Era Education, we assure medical aspirants to provide the details and in-depth information about everything related to MBBS in Abroad so that later on you do not have to face any obstacles.

It is the responsibility of the medical aspirants also to consider all important aspects and find out more information about the issues which they might face if they are planning to pursue MBBS in Abroad.

The first most important factor related to pursuing MBBS in Abroad which makes it extremely complicated for most of the students is the hostel facilities. While doing your MBBS Abroad course, hostels are the place where you spend long hours and can be your second home away from home for the next 6 years. In some of the medical universities, in Abroad, there will be few universities, where hostels are too far or a bit far from the university campus whereas in most of the universities, the hostel building is within the university campus or nearby. So in some case wherein, the hostel buildings are far away from the university, the students might have to travel to the buildings via some mode of transport or some may choose to walk till the hostels. Some students might not have an issue with this but others might find it difficult.

The second most important factor is food. Most of the medical aspirants might deal with the distance of university hostels but they cannot compromise with the food. In most of the countries, you might get tasty food or just edible food. But, however, we as Indians, have a habit of eating spicy food which is not available everywhere. In some medical universities in Abroad where there are Indian hostels, you will always find Indian food in the mess as there are Indian hostels and you will get food thrice in a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the top government universities in Abroad provide Indian hostels and Indian mess facilities as the number of Indian medical aspirants is more in them. In some universities, where the Indian mess is not available, there are canteens available or students can make their own meals in the hostel kitchens itself. Students mostly form groups of four or even more and prepare their meal which is time and money saving both. This is also one of the advantages as the student can prepare meals as per their preference. So in the universities where Indian Mess is not available, they provide kitchen facility to their students. So if you don’t want to make your own meal, choose a university which has Indian Mess available. Students can also order food from Indian restaurants which are available nearby.

The other most important factor that need to be considered is the climate. Most of the top medical government universities are situated in the countries where the climate is extreme as compared to your home country. As in India, we are not used to that extreme cold temperature that drops down till -10 degrees, so one needs to be well prepared for this mentally and physically both and choose the country as per your convenience.

Also, the relationship of your motherland with the country which will be your home for the next 6 years is another most important matter of concern while choosing the country to pursue MBBS from.

The other most important thing that need to be taken into consideration while pursuing any other course in Abroad or planning to pursue MBBS in Abroad are the adjustment issues. For some students it might be not be easy to share your room with others due to different reasons but please be informed that the rooms are only available on sharing basis and there are no personal rooms given to anyone.

While you choose to pursue MBBS in Abroad, you should be ready to face difficulties regarding such adjustments and remember one thing that these things will only make you stronger and help you to face more difficult obstacles in the future, in short your hostel life is preparing you for many hardships that might come into your journey of pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Off-course there might be issues regarding home sickness as well for some parents and students. Both sets should realize that it would only be there during the initial phase of the course and it may not last long. But in case if some parent or students are too emotional then please refrain from planning to take admissions in Abroad as it might affect you in some way which might be severe.

So, students as the NEET results have been declared, the choice are yours. Please take your decisions of choosing best medical universities in Abroad wisely by keeping all the above mentioned factors in your mind and by refraining from making any wrong decision as it might lead to disruptions in your life by hampering your career.

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