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How To Select Your University For MBBS Abroad?

How To Select Your University For MBBS Abroad?

There is no denying the fact that every year millions of students desire and wish to study MBBS abroad, due to the limited number of MBBS seats in India. The number of medical seats available in India is inversely proportional to the number of students applying for the NEET-UG examination every year. The previous year, about 15 lakhs of aspired Indian medical students applied for NEET-UG, to achieve their only dream of becoming a professional and globally recognized MBBS degree, but only about 75,000 of them were successful in getting a seat in any government medical college of India, or even in any private medical college of India. Keeping everything in mind, a large number of Indian medical students are heading abroad to study MBBS abroad.

But, when the option comes to study MBBS abroad, there are about 25+ countries in the world, and finding the right country and the medical university gets overwhelming. Finding the right country and foremost the right medical university is one of the major steps which come into action when studying MBBS abroad.

While googling, the options are endless. The students may come across various criteria under the heading of top medical universities in their desired country where they wished to study MBBS abroad. With so many options available students further get confused. This all results in the big question of how to choose your university for your medical study abroad.

This is the blog for all those students who are looking for ways to select the best university to study MBBS abroad and achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a globally recognized MBBS doctor and serving humankind. Find out some really simple and ways to select your university to study MBBS abroad-

1. Total Expense and Budget

Well, the initial step that comes into action when it comes to deciding upon the university to study MBBS abroad, is the affordability or we say the MBBS fees to study abroad. Countries offering MBBS abroad like Russia, are usually believed to be one of the best destinations when it comes to MBBS abroad. Medical universities in Russia tend to provide quality MBBS education at an affordable cost to all Indian students.

Whenever you do the assessment of the total expenditure of a medical university offering MBBS abroad, make sure you are looking carefully and making a list of those medical universities that fall in your budget. Remember not to exclude charges for mess and hostel facilities offered by the medical universities abroad with the MBBS fees.

There are various medical universities abroad that offer 6 or 5 years MBBS course expenses that also include the food and hostel charges as low as 12-13 lakhs. Whereas, there are other medical institutes in the same country that would make you spend about 30-35 lakhs for studying MBBS abroad. Choose the medical university completely depending on your budget. All the medical universities abroad are indeed good but surely some of the medical universities abroad will give you better facilities and thus ask for more money. So, in short, make your decision wisely.

There are various ex-USSR countries that offer low-budgeted MBBS abroad options. In those countries, the overall minimum cost of studying MBBS abroad in a top medical university ranges from 15 to 30 lakhs, INR.

2. The Location of The Medical University of Abroad

Just like India, countries abroad also have some really well-developed and elite locations as well as remote areas. There are certain geographies in the same country that may feature mountains, oceans, barren islands, etc. and just like, there are certain areas in every country that might be extremely hot or cold, some very safe and others not that much. Therefore it is always advisable for students who are choosing the option to study MBBS abroad to be well aware of the nearby geography and weather of the medical university they are choosing to study MBBS abroad. For example, if a student loves the winter season and loves the snowfall and also some little chilled and pleasant summer evenings, then there is no better medical destination than Russia. Studying MBBS in Russia is indeed a great choice for students who love winters. Students can avoid the cold desert areas of the country, as it can get way too cold for their liking. If MBBS in Russia is your option for your MBBS abroad, then consider medical universities located in the urban cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Orenburg, Yoskar-ola, Kazan, and other such areas as they offer higher safety index and lower crime rates.

You can take the help of the internet or the students enrolled in the university to know about these aspects.

3.International Participation and Presence of Medical Universities

To gain the maximum benefits and advantages of studying MBBS abroad, it is always better to choose a medical university that has an exemplary international presence and a healthy record of participation and achievements. The international participation and presence of medical universities simply showcase universities' global performance. There are various medical universities offering MBBS abroad like the United States, Australia, they often have a phenomenal presence, but then again the MBBS fees are quite high and not budget-friendly at all times.

If we talk about MBBS in Russia, then there are various top government Russian medical universities, which are not only well-reputed around the world but also provide an affordable MBBS education along with vast practical exposure. Russian medical universities like Perm State Medical University have the highest number of patents in the regions, whereas it and Orenburg State Medical University are among the top 10 medical universities of Russia as ranked by Forbes in 2020.

4.Comfort and Services Offered to All Enrolled International Students

If the medical university offering MBBS abroad also has furnished hostels, Indian mess facilities among various other advantages, it can provide a comfortable environment for the enrolled international students to adjust to the new environment without feeling homesick.

Apart from offering top amenities, the Russian medical universities are widely known for providing a warm cultural embrace to Indian students. Indian students studying MBBS in Russian medical universities feel at home while being away from home. All Russian medical universities enthusiastically allow all their enrolled Indian students to celebrate their major festivals like Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, and so on during their study duration in Russia. The Indian students also get a chance to showcase their skills and talents on the stage while being a part of various clubs and extra co-curricular activities. These extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are extremely essential for the holistic learning approach that makes the overall learning more enjoyable as well as holistic in every regard.

5. Number of Indian Students Studying MBBS in that Medical University

Getting to know the current number of Indian medical students studying in the university that you have chosen for your MBBS abroad is indeed one of the most important aspects when choosing a medical university abroad. The medical universities that have a good number of Indian students enrolled and studying on their campus are more often favored as it already provides a sheltered and snug environment. Among the Indian students, Russia, Bangladesh, and Caribbean Island are extremely popular. Therefore, the students can easily locate other Indian students and work together in a new country.

Choosing a medical university to study MBBS abroad can be one of the most important decisions for any student. Despite all the precautions and research, there is no guarantee to know about all pragmatic aspects of the facilities. It is difficult to give it to a foreign land. Therefore, the above points act as some of the references when you have to make a choice to select a medical university to study MBBS abroad.

However, it is always recommended and advised to all Indian medical aspirants to seek the assistance of experts, who are working in this field and have more concrete examples instead of abstract promises and assurance. As New Era Education is one of the leading and pioneers in assisting the students with the MBBS study in Russia or MBBS abroad. The team has experience facilitating the dreams of as many as about 10,000 Indian students in the past years, who are currently working in various parts of the world as reputed professionals. Connect with us today and allow us to help you in selecting the medical university for your MBBS abroad.

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