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In India, every year lakh of students appear for NEET entrance exam to pursue MBBS admissions in the best medical university and the number of medical aspirants are increasing every year.

With a cut-throat competition of cracking NEET entrance, it has become very difficult for medical aspirants to secure admissions in Medical colleges in India. The most important concern which is getting enrolled in a reputed medical university for higher studies is faced by thousands of medical aspirants, every year. The ratio of medical aspirants are able to crack these entrance exams for securing admissions in the reputed medical colleges is very less, whereas some students keep on exploring options for other private medical universities.

There is no point in pursuing MBBS in abroad if you are capable enough to secure a seat in your own country’s government medical college. However, if you are seeking admission to a private medical college, especially in India, then you must consider the reasons for the above-mentioned MBBS from a foreign university.

As the seats of Indian government universities are mostly occupied by reserved category students and the huge amount of donations and capitation fees demanded by private colleges makes it unaffordable for the students to pursue the MBBS course in India.

Moving ahead, they search for brighter opportunities for fulfilling their goal of becoming a doctor and they witness that top medical government universities are helping them fulfill their dreams by providing them medical seats in their universities with good quality of education, affordable fees and providing them other best facilities which are far better opportunity as compared to the problems faced by them in India.

There are many countries to choose from the wide variety of options available but it is also very important to consider various factors before finalizing your study destination as the country you choose will be your home for the next six years or till the time you get your degree.

There are various hassles which one can come across while choosing a medical university for securing your medical seat in any abroad university with regards to the entrance exam for enrolling for medical course, language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, visa interview and many other issues that can appear during the process.

There are many countries where medical aspirants can face visa rejection while applying for a visa whereas other western countries' language tests like IELTS and TOEFL are not very easy to crack, also some of the medical universities fees abroad can leave medical aspirants to indebt while pursuing the course.

Medical aspirants might come across some universities abroad which are quite affordable but in the long run aspirants come to know the bitter truth about universities not being recognized with the Medical Council of India or other countries. It is too late when you come to know the important aspects of the university or its value after the completion of your degree. Till the time you realize this you have already invested your parent’s hard-earned money and the number of years in the course.

One also needs to make sure that the country you are planning to pursue your course from also shares a strong relationship with your motherland. There are countries where you won’t find Indian embassy’s which can be difficult to reach out to people or officials from your country during pandemic situation.

With simple admission procedure, countries such as Germany, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan offer affordable MBBS courses. All the top Medical government universities Abroad are accredited by MCI. MBBS from medical colleges overseas or medical colleges abroad would grant you the opportunity to either return to your home country or work abroad.

Medical Aspirants must also explore the country where they are planning to go for their MBBS study, apart from information provided by the university. Information should include all important factors such as the environment of the region, student diversity, history, lifestyle, protection, among others. All of these concerns are crucial to helping students transition to a new and foreign climate and this will help them prepare in advance.

Medical aspirants are seeking not only affordable medical education but also the standard of education offered abroad in medical schools. Thus, take the decision smartly depending on time limitations and financial investment.

Medical aspirants can take help from the students who are already pursuing their degree or the pass out students who are practicing in the top leading hospitals which can help them to take a better decision.

Now we will focus on the advantages of pursuing MBBS in Abroad.

There are huge amount of advantages of getting MBBS degree from top medical colleges in Abroad:

One such country with all positive qualities is one and only Russia where you do not have to appear for any entrance examination for enrolling in any top medical government university, the admission procedure is extremely very easy and hassle-free, fees are quite affordable of almost all the top medical government universities as 70% of the fees are subsidized by the Russian federation, best hostel facilities, excellent quality of education with advance technology and advancement in the teaching method along with complete practical knowledge, no language test, no visa interviews, also some of the top medical universities in Russia occupies the top position in the list of Medical council of India and other countries as well. Indian embassy is also present in the capital of Russia, i.e. Moscow.

Apart from Tuition fees, hostel fees, mess fees, visa expenses,s and other costs of living are also extremely affordable in Russia as compared to other medical universities abroad. Medical universities abroad deliver world-class facilities with all the new types of equipment, especially in Russia. An average amount spent by a medical aspirant in a Russian medical university might be equal or at times may be less as compared to the amount spent by medical aspirants in India or other western countries.

Cheapest countries to study medicine that deliver study MBBS abroad come from Europe, where living costs are relatively low. The total cost of living in Russia, which would include all overhead expenses and cost of living can range anywhere between 120-150 USD.

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